Saturday, September 04, 2010

Little Boo

Yesterday I was doing my usual shopping at WalMart and I spotted the new Quilt Sampler.
I had seen on other blogs that it was available but with kids, work and all that I hadn't been out to get it.
I flipped through it at the store and immediately fell in love with Little Boo by Pine Needle Designs.

Have you seen it? Here it is.
Once I was home I started to rummage through my Halloween fabrics and I realized that the bundle of Riley Blake fabrics that I picked up at market were the exact fabrics used in the project.
So I nearly immediately started pressing the fat quarters and cutting for the project. I am adding in a few of my own stash fabrics to make it unique. 
Here's my progress so far. Nearly all the strips are cut for the blocks. I have cut squares for the pinwheels too!
I can't wait to start sewing and stitching this gem.
Unfortunately, or not, we are going to Waynesville today. Guess what's in Waynesville...
Fabric Shack!
yeah baby...I am going to the Fabric Shack...10,000 bolts of I come.
I am hoping to find a border for Little Boo while I am there and a few other odds and ends that I need to finish a project or 2.
We are also going to be visiting with 30 or so friends of ours from not totally a fabric trip.
What are your plans for Labor day weekend? Besides our shortish trip today..I just plan to sew and play with my girls. Should be a good weekend.
p.s. don't forget to enter the giveaway for the 1930's applecores!


Unknown said...

Fabric Shack is such an awesome place! They saved me this week having something I needed and shipping it super quick for me! Wish I could actually go there one day.

WoolenSails said...

I love shopping with them too, lots of great bargains and fast shipping. I haven't see the new issue yet, our stores are slow to get them in.


SewCalGal said...

Wow do you have an EXCELLENT collection of Halloween fabrics. And I agree, this pattern is spooktacular. Going to look super with your beautiful fabrics.


Little Lady Patchwork said...

I remember when you bought that fabric! That is the perfect project for it.

Enjoy your trip to Fabric Shack! I shop w/them online cuz they have a great selection. A girl could get lost in there :0)


Karen said...

Hi Vickie! I have the magazine but haven't had much of a chance to go through it. "Little Boo" is adorable and you've already got so many neat fabrics for it. Have fun at Fabric Shack...sure wish it was near me....just what I need.....even more fabrics. But, I do love them!

Take care!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Wow. I need a Halloween stash! That quilt is going to be awesome. Have a great time at the Fabric Shack!

Amy said...

I love the Fabric Shack!! have fun.leave some fabric for the rest of us.Thanks for sharing,Amy

Anonymous said...

Perfect fabric for that project! I didn't think to check Wal-Mart...darn it...I want my issue!

Unknown said...

Yes, I just just picked up my copy too! I always love to browse through this magazine. Lots of great inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fun shopping trip!

Jennifer Blosser said...

Hey Vickie! I pulled my Halloween fabric out after seeing that quilt too! Quilty minds think alike!

Hugs & stitches,

PS - Did you see our pictures in the new bakeshop ad in that magazine? *SCREAM* Very exciting!

Pine Needles said...

Vickie! How excited I was to see your blog post today! I LOVE your blog and was so excited that you liked the quilt I designed! You made my morning :)