Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dubuque Heritage Winery....

A few weeks ago we made a trip to Iowa to see my family.
There a tons of historic places around Dubuque and we stopped at a couple on this trip.

I convinced my sister to go with us down to the Farmer's market.
It was opening day and I had heard there would be someone special there.

This is my long time friend Kathy and I.
I hadn't seen her in 15 years!
Her husband started making wine as a hobby some time ago
and they were launching there new business at the farmer's market that day.

I was lucky enough to score some of his wine.
The cool thing for me is that each type of wine has a different historic name and label.
Really brought back memories for me.
The wine above is named from the Ham House,
one of the oldest homes in Dubuque.

The next stop we made was Eagle Point Park.
It sits along the bluff of the Mississippi River
overlooking Wisconsin and Illinois's borders.
This park was originally built during the Great Depression to give jobless men...
well jobs.
Can you imagine what would happen today if we started a project like that?
mind boggling.

Up on the bluff of the park you can see Lock and Dam no. 11.
When I was a kid we would ride our bikes down to the locks to watch the barges go through.
I would never let me kids do that now!
It's a HUGE river for goodness sake.

And the last place we stop was downtown by the Shot Tower.
Wow has that changed.
They have really done a fabulous job rejuvenating the downtown.
Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the local quilt shop on this trip.
I went to market so I was saving my pennies for that.
Have you ever been to Dubuque?

Friday, May 25, 2012

picture intense...more quilt market

Before I begin,
.I have seen only a few posts on market
I hope this isn't over kill...
I just have a batch of pictures that I didn't post the first time.

I took all of these with my i-phone...some are
not that great...
but I think you still get a peak at what I saw.
Like Winterkist by Happy Zombie.
Her quilt was super cute at the Lecien booth.

And how about the Kona display?
I took the picture to remember it...I am thinking I NEED some of these prints.
One booth that rocked my socks off was
Ruby Star
So vintage and so.... cool
Here's one more look at that couch!
In the Moda pit,
there were some very cool booths.
Zen Chic
Juggling Summer
it was neat.
Wish I had gotten a bundle at sample spree but I couldn't find it.
I heard it was there...just wasn't in the cards for me.

one of my faves as you know.
I DID score a bundle of Mama Said Sew
I mean it's Scarlett and grey....
how could I NOT??
(um I'm in Buckeye country here)
And Lauren and Jesse...
booth winners.
Again I didn't score this either.
Cuzco.... by
Kate Spain.
Quilt was gorgeous.
nope I didn't get that one either.
sample spree was vicious!
And this is Sandy Gervais little project to go with her
2 1/2" "candy".
It was my favorite project.
My picture does it no justice.
I just love it and I love Sandy and her Minnesota accent.

These are Moda candy.
I scored BIG time.
22 BIG ones.

I should have taken a million more pictures.
I caught up with some fabric friends.
Friends that I can't thank enough for helping me in all
my quilting endeavors.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilt Market reflections and giveaway winners...

I have a few quilt market reflections.
I thought that if I wrote them down I could work through them.
I am just so tired.
I arrived home late Sunday and went right to work and haven't stopped.
Oh and did I mention my in-laws are here?
It's a blessing and a curse...
you know how it is.
So all those 'reflections' are more like distant memories.
I was inspired to do a little English Paper Piecing on the plane ride home....
a flower in Simply Color by V and Co.
I have no plan for it.
I rarely start with a plan and that's just fine with me.
Maybe it will just stay a flower?
Maybe one day I will just put all the 'starts' together into a use it up?
Could be fun, no?

Anyhow, I am watching Dancing with the Stars Finale and you probably want to know who the givewawy winners are....
the 9 nine winners are:
#2 Martina
#3 Gina
#12 Paula
#14 Needlemom
#21 DJ
#32 Deb
#52 Pepe
#57 Carol C.
#60 Tiffany
I have sent you each an email with the pdf's attached.
Please send me a picture if you make one of the quilts, I'd love to see it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt Market Day 1

Stephanie (from Little Lady Patchwork) and I found some pretty adorable stuff at market.
The first of many surprises was Liberty of London in quilter's weight cotton.
I am dying for this....
It is sooo pretty.

 A new designer (to me) is Ever Kelly
Her fairy tale line is TDF....the colors are rich and I totally want all of it.

 Pam Kitty Morning....and her Lakehouse stuff. :)
Hi Pam!

Pat Bravo's Summer

well soothing to say the least.

And there is the always adorable Darlene Zimmerman....

She signed fabric for us.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bright and Scrappy

 Last weekend we took a trip to Iowa to see family.
I always try to take a few quilts to bind in the car.
This trip I only had one quilt ready to bind.
I have had it quilted for about 3 years I think.

 I know, how could I have waited so long to sew the binding down?
Well it always seemed like there were other projects that needed to be done first,
magazine quilts, Moda Bakeshop projects, contribution quilts, tutorials and so on...

I have been piecing like a crazy person as of late and yet this was the only project that was quilted and had the binding sewn on ready to be finished.
I guess it put itself to the front of line finally.
It's a scrappy mix from many projects my mother in law and I have pieced.
She actually did all the piecing when she was visiting. 
I finished the borders and had it quilted.
oh and the pattern...well I can't remember.
It's from a book I believe...drat..I don't know which one.
I will update the post if I ever remember.

Well this next week is quilt market in Kansas City.
I am going with a good friend.
I am not sure how good I will be with market updates...
As with each quilt market...I have a feeling there will be some surprises.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


blog posts....
I'd say this calls for a giveaway and a celebration.

9 PDF bundles consisting one of each of my patterns including:

Cinnamon Jiffy
Spiked Shortbread

Oh Baby Oh Baby

Square Me Up Too

Pick Up Sticks

Elongated Tumbler

Simply leave a comment and I will randomly draw 9 winners
on May 22nd.
The winners will be emailed the pdf patterns.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Oh Baby Oh Baby

Another stash buster baby quilt for 2 1/2" squares which can be easily cut from 5" charms.
36 1/2" x 44 1/2"
What do you think of the 3 new simple designs?
Should I offer them in a bundle?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Monday, May 07, 2012

Square Me Up Too....

This is
 Square Me Up Too
It's the second design in my group of super simple baby quilts.
So far I have the top pieced and I am trying to decide what
fabric to use on the back.
I want to use my stash but unfortunately I don't
have many manly/boyish prints.
(I have 2 girls as you know)

So once I get that figured'll be quilted.
It's a perfect size for me to quilt myself, just 38"x44".

The pdf pattern is available for $3 at the fat quarter shop

Sunday, May 06, 2012