Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July sale 25% off

Just a quick note to let you know that I am having a 
Christmas in July sale in my etsy shop 
starting Noon eastern time today through Tuesday July 28 midnight.
25% off on all regular price items. 
50% off clearance
Several new fabric lines have arrived including 
Modern Country by Mary Elizabeth Kinch

Very Merry Sandy Gervais
I have tons of stash building low volume fabrics 

and brand new precuts from Moda 
Hello Darling Bonnie and Camille

Farmhouse by Fig Tree

Varsity by Sweetwater
and many more

p.s. I am permanently in one state now, there should be no shipping delays! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Four Square Fun at Connecting Threads


I created this Four Square Fun pattern a couple of years ago. 
It's a super easy large block quilt that launched the idea for my Large Block Quilts book. 

I was over the moon when I found out that Connecting Threads
 has recreated the pattern as a kit in their NEW fabric line
Animals ABC by Alyssa Thompson of Penguin and Fish.
It's an organic quilt cotton fabric line for kids.

Isn't it adorable?
And quite a change from the original
 made with Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater for Moda.

Do you ever order from Connecting threads?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage Blog Hop - Farm Fresh Flower

I am so happy to be sewing a bit again.

I have been struggling to find the motivation to sew with all the changes still happening in my life.
In the last 60 days I've sold my office, my office real estate, the school year ended and we have our house in contract.  I spend 4 nights a week in Ohio and hours and hours in airports each week. 
While I wait, I do english paper piecing,
games on my i-pad if I don't feel the itch to stitch
or swoon over friends' Instagram accounts.
I have been drooling over Lori's instagram
Beelori1 showing her new book, blocks, projects and retreats.

As soon as I had a copy of her book Farm Girl Vintage in my hands, 
I was instantly smitten with every - single - project. 
There are many simple blocks made extra special with the fabric choices.

I think that the fabric choices are the key to a real farm girl vintage look. I love the way that Lori keeps with a theme and changes the sizes, making bed sized quilts and table runners from the same block designs. I have made 5 of the 12" blocks and all of them sewed together lickety split.

Here is my version of the week 8 block
 Farm Fresh Flower.

I used several different low volume ( aka background ) fabrics 
with some 1930's reproduction fabrics by Yuwa Japanese designer Atsuko Matsuyama.
 You can get these fabrics HERE on sale today 25% off!

It's not too late to join #farmgirlfridays on instagram
 and the Fat Quarter Shop has bundles of fat quarters chosen
by Lori to get you started.
Plus there are alphabitties , Lori's new fabric line Modern Mini's 

and a copy of Farm Girl Vintage available as well.
If you would like to check out the other blogger participating in the sew along,
they are listed here with all the gorgeous blocks

well I'm off the pack orders, clean bathrooms 
and IF I am lucky...
sew more on the farm girl friday ;)


Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Easter! plus an update on my life, my etsy shop, my future....

Sharing more personal stuff  has always been hard for me. 
I finally feel okay with saying more than I have in the past about what's been going on.
My family has been separated in one form or another for over a year. 
My husband had a job that required he work 90-100 hours a week with no relief in site. 
We decided that the best thing for our family was a new job. 
The new job took him to a new state. 
At first we thought that he could work half at home, half time in the new state.
That didn't happen.
I was working full time, taking care of a house, 
2 girls, 3 cats and a fish tank all by myself.
It was tough, doable but tough.
During this year, I have realized so many things about life, 
my husband, myself and my kids. 
It will take a couple of blog posts to cover it all!
Anyhow, you may be wondering what the pic of the car is?

My battery went dead and left me stranded for several irritating reasons.
I have AAA, they sent someone to jump it. 
It worked long enough to get me to the autozone. 
They had my battery but would not put it in.
I ended up having a co-workers' husband replace it for me.
I had no way to do it myself and my normal repair guy was 13 hours away :(
Lesson #1
I have taken my husband for granted for a long time.
We tend to forget how much better life is with a partner to help us with our weaknesses, cars, and lawn care.

Well then as time moved on we decided to move the kids to the new state.
His new job was 40 hours a week.
He had more time to take care of them than I.
We wanted them in a new school as well.
So we moved them, and most of our house.
I started looking for an associate dentist to help me.
I had no luck.
Literally 9 months of searching without finding a match.
It can be difficult to find someone that wants to come to a smaller town.
I figured this would happen.
I didn't figure on how much I would miss my husband
and my kids when I had to be in the old state for my job.
I missed them so much I would cry 5-6 times a day.
I would have panic attacks getting on the plane to leave to them.
My husband hated Sundays (when I left) and
 I hated Mondays (when I would have to go back to work).

My girls have learned so many things during this year.
Mainly they learned that their Dad can do anything that I can....
They can rely on him no matter what.
They needed to learn that... and to appreciate him.
Recently husband came back to the old house to disassemble his fish tank.
It was that weekend that we decided to move all my etsy shop fabric to the new house.
I think it was suggested to help me feel like this new place is home
 and the old place is just a 'hotel'.
A place I use for work travel ;)

 So I moved fabric to the new house.
I thought I could bring it all in one car load but that didn't happen.
There is as much fabric left there as shown in the picture above.
I will have to bring it in suitcases and another car load.
I decided to decrease my stock there by having a 35% off  sale and 55% off clearance.
It is only the stock that is located in the old house.
Eventually I will have everything in the new house and list all my stock on etsy.
I still have new fabric being delivered.
I still plan on continuing to sell, however,
there may be 'vacations' in between while I am moving material.

And finally,
I can say that I am going to sell my practice.
It wasn't an easy decision or a decision I take lightly.
But it was an important one.
I need to be with my family.
A year away has been MORE than long enough.
So I hope to be posting soon that this journey is over and I will be in our new home only...
until then...
I fly back and forth, cut fabric at night to fill my time and try to keep my chin up.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Welcome Baby....

There are usually 4-5 new quilts books released each month.
I have been so far behind on blogging about them. 

This book is a bit special to me since my "Ice cream Swirl" quilt is in it!

I made this girl version and another boy version in pirate fabric.
I had every intention of starting another quilt....
It just hasn't happened,

So for now, 
I am just drooling over all the quilts in this book and
 several other new ones from Martingale.

 Bubbles  is definitely one I'd like to try.
And Sweet Cheeks too...

Right now I am still traveling out of town for work
 and it's really been taking it's toll. 
I've been filling my evenings cutting fabric for my etsy shop 
and truthfully that helps me not miss my family so much.
I really appreciate everyone that supports my shop. 
Right now I have 25% off regular prices until 3/17/15 midnight.
I hope that will keep me busy this coming week nights.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Easy 3 Hour Baby Quilt - a free pattern

This weekend I realized that my cousin 
will be having twin girls soon.
Of course I HAVE to make quilts for her.
I had an idea to take one of my Yuwa 30's stripe prints from my etsy shop 
and quilt following the printed fabric stripes.

I love how it turned out and it only took me 3 hours
 to cut, layer, pin baste, quilt AND machine bind.

When I trimmed my fabric I left 1/4 inch extra along the last stripe on each side.
The extra strips that I trimmed off went into my scrap bins for a future log cabin.

Now I need to make another girly quilt for the other twin.

Here are some fabric combinations from my etsy shop.
It occurred to me that kitting them up would be a fun idea...

The pattern is also available on craftsy for free Here.
I hope you enjoy it. 
Be sure to send me a picture if you happen to make an easy 3 hour quilt.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas.....and End of Year Sale

Merry Christmas!

End of Year sale on my etsy site.
35% almost every item
50% off clearance.....

I'm taking a work break at home for a bit..some would call it a staycation.... 
The kids are on break from school so it's even more of an incentive to stay home. 
I haven't sewn much yet...
but I plan to.
My husband and I went to IKEA again on the 23rd.
We loaded up the SUV completely with Besta.

It is on sale for Ikea members and
we knew this 2 weeks would be great for construction of our storage room. 
Originally the storage room was to be an office

but our old furniture just wasn't fitting. 
I mean it literally didn't fit the dimensions of the room.
That can be super frustrating. 
It was. 
We rearranged the stuff at least 5 times and finally gave up. 
We are giving it to my parents
We realized in all the rearranging that what we really wanted was storage.

My computer is in my sewing studio.
His computer never seems to leave the kitchen island....
so we nixed the office.
He has spent 2 days on assembly and making great progress.
Once that is complete, I get the task of putting everything away.
So once the kids find Santa's gifts, and we have breakfast...
it's back to organizing we go....
How will you spend your holidays?