Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Sale Event!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Urban Amish Review

Oh my gosh, where do I begin?
I may be a terrible book reviewer.
What do you say about it? 
The instructions are spot on....??
They are. 99.9% of That Patchwork Place books are spot on

This book is chock full of cool patterns.
Urban Amish, that is, by Myra Harder.

Have you seen it?
I will be honest, I wasn't too keen on the cover quilt.

In fact, I wasn't even going to consider this book based on the cover.
I know, horrible, right?
Well have you ever that? judge a book by it's cover?
I'm so glad that I opened it.
Look at the quilt ideas!
My to do list just grew by 5 quilts.

I can't say which one I like best...
they are all tempting in their own ways like this
shabby vintage feel nine patch quilt.

 It's true, I don't know the names of these quilts, 
I haven't gotten past the pretty colors and awesome designs.
So yeah, I'm not that great at reviewing books.
Lucky for you, I have a whole lot of books that I have been meaning to talk about.
You've been warned (;

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jolly Bar Weekend

It's true, I sewed all weekend. 
I am so happy :))
I rarely have the chance to sit and sew an entire weekend!
When I saw the fat quarter shop had a new pre-cut fabric, 
I had to get my hands on one.
It's called the
A 5" x 10" bar of sweet fabric goodness.
I don't know about you but the name "jolly bar"
 made me think of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.
I half expected to find a golden ticket inside...

I am a big fan of decorating through the year.
I know, I know, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming....
but the fabric Red, White and Free by Sandy Gervais was available and I thought, 
"cool, I can make a 4th of July Patriot wall-hanging out of it".

So I set out to use the most of my Jolly Bar.
I modified the rectangles slightly by cutting a 1/2" here or there.

I used the left overs for a pieced back.

The 'center' of the back is Minnick and Simpson's Lexington Stars.

I sewed the top on Saturday, pieced the batting and the backing, and quilted it on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I didn't buy binding yet nor do I have a suitable print at this house.

At any rate, I love how it turned out.
 I have already packed it in my suitcase bound for home where it will be proudly displayed on my dining room table.
There are other fabric lines featured in a Jolly Bar as well 
and each have a free quick quilt pattern sent with them.
Check the Fat Quarter Shop for more info.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quick Note from me...

Can you believe I am posting? 
Me either BUT I have to share about 
my etsy site sale this weekend.
20% off 
most items as a Pre-Thanksgiving..thank you.

I have been continuing to organize my sewing space 
and although there is A LOT more left...
it's looking pretty sweet.
I have even been sewing, 
more on that on Monday....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Quilty Fun!

This week marks the one year anniversary for the book Quilty Fun 
by Lori Holt, the Fat Quarter Shop and It's Sew Emma.
In honor of the birthday book, 
Lori created this fun pieced birthday cake block.

I decided to make my block from fabric that I stock in my etsy shop.

As you know, 
I love 1930's repros, japanese fabrics and 
light backgrounds that are all scrappy.
If this cake were real, I'd eat it. 
I love it that much.

The pattern can be found here:

I wanted to add embroidery to the cake part to look like icing swirls...
 to make it extra special.
There was just one problem.

90% of all my sewing and crafting stuff is located in this room.

It's in our new house and in another state.
Needless to say, I couldn't find my pearl cotton or floss.

It's a serious mess because I only get to work on it on the weekends that I am home.
I spend over half my time traveling for work.
The only advantage to working away from home is quilt related.
I have all my etsy fabric and sewing machine at my other "residence".

I have my etsy shop order packing to keep me busy in the evenings too.
I can sew any night of the week.
I even brought the Quilty Fun book back with me this trip.

I'm not sure if  I will make any of the blocks but
 it's a very inspirational book.
I love to just sit and look and dream....
I hope you have the chance today to look and dream at a new quilty project.
Maybe a birthday block?

Friday, September 12, 2014

I love Quilting because....

September is National Sewing Month and the
 Fat Quarter Shop has teamed up with bloggers to bring you a glimpse 
into why we love quilting and sewing.
I love quilting because it relieves my stress.
I love to cut fabric, smooth fabric, 
look at fabric, search for a perfect fabric,
piece fabrics, hand quilt, machine quilt, bind...
and on and on.
In doing all those things, I find stress relief from my job,
my family responsibilities and life in general.
I think we all need a creative outlet and 
way to slow down from the normal hustle and bustle of life.

If this is your first visit here, here is a little about me ala the Fat Quarter Shop.

When did I start quilting:
While I was in dental school I was an avid crocheter. I made dishcloths, miniature and life size afghans and toys like a mad woman. After about 6 months my hands started to show signs of carpel tunnel and I couldn't crochet anymore. That was devastating to me. One day while checking out the craft department at Walmart, I stumbled onto the book Little Quilts All Through the House. I had some experience with sewing since I was 8 so I decided to make the log cabin. I had a rotary cutter and mat but no rulers so I free hand cut the strips. It's the wonkiest quilt I own but it hooked me on quilting.
When did I know I was a quilter?
Gosh, well I think I knew I was a quilter when I joined the guild in Rochester, MN back in 2002.
Once I moved to Ohio I joined the quilt guild here.
Have I ever had a quilting injury?
I cut the end of my finger with the rotary cutter. Again it was before I had any quilting rulers to help me cut. There were no instructions or classes available at that time. My nearest quilt shop was 1 1/2 hours away and no online shopping existed in 1996!
My advice to a new quilter-
Don't be afraid of using the colors you love. The ones you love might change and that's okay too. Take a few classes at the LQS or online and practice, practice, practice...
I still 'practice' my quilting.
On top of the get to know me questions, 
the fat quarter shop challenged us to make a project out of
our comfort zone.
I contemplated that thought.
I began sewing at age 8. 
I have sewed garments, pieced quilts, quilted quilts,
 crocheted, knitted, embroidered by hand and machine,
made crewel, tatted, and countless other crafts.
I couldn't think of a project out of my comfort zone until I remembered the
Hour Glass mini post card pattern.

I like to make small projects but they can be challenging.

While I was making this little hourglass quilt, I discovered that 
my Quilt in A Day ruler that had been collecting dust for 10 years was 
the most invaluable tool I owned!

I combined the pattern with 1930's reproduction fabrics from my stash and added 
a low volume 30's background to help the hourglasses pop.

Each hour glass finished to 2" and my challenge was trimming!
Even after years and years of sewing I still found a bit of 
a challenge in quilting.
I learned to use a specialty ruler.
The next project on my list is the Sew Together Bag, now there's a challenge!

If you would like to create a heart like the rainbow banner heart, 
the fat quarter shop has a free pattern HERE!

p.s. my etsy shop is running a 25% off sale to celebrate National Sewing Month!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jelly Roll Jam 2 with the Fat Quarter Shop

Yep you read correctly, 
the Fat Quarter Shop has created another jelly roll pattern.

This pattern is super easy to sew with a precut jelly roll
from Moda.
It's just strips.
I think it would be a great beginner quilt project.
On top of that, this pattern makes 2 quilts from 1 jelly roll.
If it's 2 for 1, sign me up!

I chose to make my quilt with Lexington by Minnick and Simpson.
I will be honest...
it was all the light prints in the line, 
or low volume, inside voices as some call them.
I'm a HUGE fan of the low volume trend.
As you can see, when I was picking my fabric, a paw happened to get in my way!

He stayed until I was about half way through 
and started putting blocks on my design wall.
Then he got after my design wall!
That turkey.

Anyhow, this is my first quilt top. 
It took about 2 1/2 hours to sew.
I was going slow due to cat issues and watching Netflix.
You probably sew it faster if you tried.

There is a video that shows the basics of the pattern.
I am loving how the Fat Quarter Shop puts up so many YouTube videos.

My top finished at 36 1/2" x 38 1/2".
 I have enough strips to make another small quilt
with just blue and tan prints.
Hmm, now that I look at my top...
I'm thinking...
maybe applique on the "low volume" areas...
hmm.... maybe blue stars.
Would you applique on it?