Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Paperie Receiving Blanket - a Top -10 Video 2015

This is my last project highlight of the Top 10 of 2015 from the Fat Quarter Shop
I really enjoyed making this one.

At first I wasn't sure what fabric to use - that is until Paperie by Amy Sinibaldi arrived.
I was smitten with Paperie and I knew it had to be made into a baby item - items.
I don't think this will be my last Paperie quilt or project.
The Bloom and Bliss video that accompanies this receiving blanket free project can be seen here:

This post is a bit heavy on the pictures, for some reason I was camera happy when I sewed.
I have a big cutting table - thankfully.
Since I began sewing this around the holidays
 I didn't want to get my design board out - company was coming!

The video shows very nicely how Kimberly pins her pieced top for the receiving blanket.

She goes into detail about the corners too.
Luckily I had already purchased this nifty creative grids ruler for another project.

It really made the corners easy. Easy to draw, sew and cut.

Here are a few peaks of my blanket.

Tomorrow is always fresh - right at the seam :)

Look at these corners! I used Aurifil thread 50wt. for my entire project. For some reason Aurifil is the only thread my Janome 'likes'. I have tried others and my mother in law has a Pfaff and she can only use Connecting Threads thread successfully. Makes you wonder why? Maybe there's a reason. 
Sorry I digress...

Here's the finished receiving blanket top.
Ready to be gifted.

 I would love for you to share your #fqsreceivingblanket or any other #FQSTop10 quilts for 2015 on Instagram. For every #FQSTop10 post you do, you will be entered for a chance to win a Fat Quarter Shop $100 Gift Certificate! This fun contest ends January 31, 2016 and the winner will be announced on Instagram February 1, 2016. Good luck and happy quilting everyone! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 10 Videos 2015 Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt - the Spun Sugar Way....

We are continuing to celebrate the Top 10 Videos of 2015 with the Fat Quarter Shop this week.
Once again I thought it would be an excellent idea to participate. 
Everyone learns a little differently, visual, auditory, etc..
I learn by seeing something done and doing it.  
I can read a pattern and make a quilt 
but there are times when a demonstration is the key to my success - no doubt.
I think that is where my appreciation for the Fat Quarter Shop videos began.
When I made the design boards by Lori Holt - I watched the video 3 times. 
I did. I know they are simple, right? 
well it was easier for me to watch how she did it vs. just pictures or words.
So how does that relate to the post?
Well this particular project, although very easy sewing, required me to watch the video a dozen times.

It is a great video that accompanies the pattern.
To make the tree skirt, 
you need to buy and download the pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop.
Grab a jelly roll and backing and you are on your way.

 Now you are probably asking,
 why does my title say a Jelly Roll Tree Skirt - the Spun Sugar way?
Great question.
Basically, once I reviewed the pattern, I decided a couple of things.
It was after Christmas and although I could probably use a new tree skirt, what I REALLY needed was a Valentine themed tree skirt - only smaller.

I  thought, I would use thinner strips, in pink and modify a few other things.
I used the video to help me with what direction I was placing my pink strips.
I made 3 going the same way - 
before I realized what I should change to get them to go in the other direction.

I'm telling you, the video is excellent and completely cleared up my confusion.

So remember when I said I made modifications?
I added connector corners to my blocks in the background fabric. 
Wham! a heart shape just that quick.

I added a center and corner background pieces that matched my altered dimensions.
Please don't ask what they were - I actually kind of winged it.
My heart blocks came out smaller than the original pattern 
and if you do this with jelly roll strips - yours might vary as well.
I realize that it isn't perfect. 
Most of the strips are on bias and that can lead to a little 'wiggle' of the quilt top.
Over all I like where this is going.
I need to quilt it, make a center circle cut for where the tree trunk will be and bind it.
Not much to do at all! LOL
But I have a few more weeks before Valentine's Day.
I did intend on finishing this for the post today. 
I became a little side tracked with the hand quilting - stitching
 on my mini charm box quilt - who wouldn't?
The Fat Quarter Shop would love for you to share your #joyfuljellyroll or any other #FQSTop10 quilts for 2015 on Instagram. For every #FQSTop10 post you do, you will be entered for a chance to win a Fat Quarter Shop $100 Gift Certificate! This fun contest ends January 31, 2016 and the winner will be announced on Instagram February 1, 2016. Good luck and happy quilting everyone! 

Friday, January 08, 2016

New Year - Increase Shipping Rates - boo and a Sale - YEAH!

Hi again,
I'm blogging today as a public service announcement of sorts. 
Once again on January 17, 2016 our USPS will be increasing it's rates, 
a 10% and 22% increase depending on the class of postage. 
I offer a flat rate postage in my etsy shop, however, priority rates are increasing
 and unfortunately I will have to increase my rate as well.
In addition, international shipping rates are also taking a hike in price. 
Until January 17th you can enjoy a slightly lower rate shipping 
I have my clearance items up to 70% off.

On the 17th my shipping rates will increase from $5.95 flat rate U.S. to $6.50 flat rate fee.
International rate will go from $26.50 to $30.00 USD - I can fit up to 9 yards in a flat rate padded envelope - send me a custom order request for accurate (cheaper) shipping :)

Many new fabrics were added to clearance 
and I may be adding more as the days go on. 
I just have too much fabric.
I have had my shelving not only fall once -
but actually twice - once was just this last weekend and well it was a mess

as you can see.
All other etsy shop items will be up to 30% off.

 I have to clear some bolts, please take advantage
 if you are looking for backing fabric etc.
I can barely walk in my sewing/shop area.
Many clearance fabrics are $3-4 a yard.
Message me if you need more yardage than what's listed.
 I just might have it in stock after all.
Thank you for reading and helping me clear out this January.
p.s. clearance sale ends January 25, 2016 midnight.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Charm Box Quilt Mini - Fat Quarter Shop Top 10 Videos 2015

I have had the privilege of making several of the free projects that are offered by the Fat Quarter Shop over the years. 2015 was no exception.
I am not sure how many video tutorials were produced to accompany the free patterns
 but I know what the Top 10 best are.
Over the next few days the Fat Quarter Shop, 
along with several bloggers, will recap the best 10 of 2015.  

Today we look back at the Charm Box Quilt. 
I'll be honest, I didn't make it first time around.
I had quite a bit happening in my life in 2015 that prevented me from sewing as much as I'd liked to.
Anyhow, I decided that it's 2016 now, sew I will this year!

Recently, well, it's stretches further back than that, 
I have been smitten with Lori Holt's fabrics and projects.
 I would say it really began in 2011.  I met Lori in Salt Lake City as quilt market. 
I fell in love with her patterns and fabric and as you know - she hasn't stopped since.
Her latest fabric line is Calico Days. 
I loved it so much, I bought bolts of the entire line for my etsy shop.
Calico Days seemed like a perfect project for my Charm Box Quilt.
Here is the video that Fat Quarter Shop made to accompany the free pattern.

This pattern couldn't be easier. I decided on making the mini version.

Typical for me, I couldn't just make a plain old small quilt.
I decided to doctor it up with a little hand stitching.
I used the Aurifil 12wt. cotton thread for 'big stitch' quilting.
That heart template is from Laundry Basket Quilts 
and it fit perfectly inside my light squares in the middle of the quilt.

I used a brown pigma pen to make my 'big stitches' with the template as a guide.
I wanted the stitches to be as even as possible...
I needed a guide let me tell you :)

Here is the mini as I was stitching my hearts, notice I just pinned basted this project.

 I added more colorful stitching in the sashings.
I love the big stitches on this.

I may add more stitches to the border but I haven't quite decided how much.
If I quilt it more, I'll be sure to post the update to instagram...
Speaking of instagram....
Use #charmboxquilt and #FQSTop10 when you share your pictures on Intagram & tag @fatquarter shop for a chance to win a $100 gift card.  The contest will end February 1st.

I suggest you check out the other bloggers that whipped up a Charm Box Quilt today.

I have a few favorites from the list above ;)
bet you will too.