Thursday, September 21, 2017

Closing time....

Yes, it's closing time.
I will be closing my etsy store by the end of this year.
First, I'd like to thank all my loyal Etsy customers.
I couldn't have my business without you!
This subject has been weighing on my mind for a long while now.
I have literally been hem hawing around about how much time
and effort I want to put into my quilting business.
I love fabric.

I love sharing that joy with others.
I love making - A LOT.

Buying, receiving, cutting, packing and shipping takes a huge amount of time.
So much time that I am just not sewing my projects the speed I want to.
I have 24 quilts that need bindng.
76 flimsy tops that need quilting and binding.
Designing new quilts was completely halted due to lack of time.
I love to cross stitch as well and I just can't seem to find the time lately.
I must admit that I have been working my 'day' job more but that is intermittent.
I'm heading into the weeks of less day job responsibilities.
I've decided to take advantage of that down time to totally focus on getting my stock in my shop reduced to as little as possible.
I really want my 'space' back.
I'm still going to be blogging...hopefully more!
I will be on Instagram of course...showing all the makes that I make.
I hope you can understand.
I hope you can help me move this fabric out of my studio!

I have some brand new Atsuko Matsuyama Yuwa fabric coming this week...
maybe today.
It was order months ago and I am letting it arrive.
There will be more fabric arriving this month and I won't stop it.
I made a commitment to those companies to buy and I will.
Some future orders I will have to cancel :(

To be fair to other shops also just getting new Yuwa, it will not be discounted at this time.

9/29/17-10/10/17 most items up to 40% off
10/13/17-10/28/17 most if not all :) items up to 50% off
10/29/17-11/15/17 most if not all items up to 60% off
At that point in November I will see what inventory remains.  With holidays coming and time commitments elsewhere, I will have to determine the discount and when I can list the items - if at all.

ALL fabric cuts will be half yard or yard and can be cut continuous IF yardage is available.
Fat quarters currently cut will be discounted but I won't be cutting additional individual fat quarters.
I want to repeat...
I will not be cutting additional fat quarters or
taking custom requests at the discounted price.
I just do not have time for that.

I may start to just cut random low volume or rainbow bundles as the bolts reduce.
I will try to refund shipping overcharges as much as possible.

As I said, I am still quilting, making, blogging and Instagraming...
and I hope this will help me be able to do even more of that in the future.
Thank you for understanding.

Friday, September 01, 2017

My Lularoe Party has started EARLY!!

I'm so excited because I have met up with my sister early today!

I have opened my Online Lularoe party NOW.

Everything is loaded and ready for you to shop. 
I love the Buttery soft leggings and I'd say the Irma is my favorite style. 

I sincerely hope you check it out. My party ends 6pm CST 9/3/17.
Shop with me HERE!


Starburst Bella Skill Builder block 8 Starburst

Bella Skill builder Block 8 Starburst

Quick post today as this is the start of the holiday weekend for me.
I'm hosting an online LulaRoe Pop - Up with my Sister Marie Cook on facebook tomorrow.
I'm pretty excited to shop her lularoe because she just got a new box!!
Sewing has been occurring and if you follow my Instagram,
you've seen what I was working on this week after I finished these Starburst blocks.

I have been sewing right along this last month and finished the Starburst blocks on time :)

If you really look, you will see that they are not all the same.
I trimmed 2 of them one direction and the switched and I didn't even realize it :(

It's my quilt and I doubt most will notice, but dang it I tried to follow directions:)))

The Fat Quarter Shop has a video to show the best way to make your blocks!

They feature another Creative Grids ruler which I felt was invaluable to cutting the starburst pieces.
Be sure to check it out!

And all the blocks together are looking good!
One more month...
Might start to assemble the rows while I'm working on the last blocks :)