Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fresh Fabric Treats Book Signing Reminder :)

Just a reminder about the Fresh Fabric Treats book signing THIS Saturday July 2nd
2571 S. Ocean Hwy - Business 17 
Garden City, SC
10:30am- 12:00pm
The Cottage will be having a 4th of July weekend sale including 30% off all fabric!
I will sign your pre-purchased copies of the book as well.
Stop and visit with me if you are in the area.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage Threads, Fabric, Iowa.....

My family and I made an unplanned trip to Iowa this past weekend.
My mom is having some health issues and with my impending surgery next week...
this weekend was the only option to go for a visit.
During the visit, I stopped at the local quilt store called the Cotton Cabin.
I found a few fat quarters of Marcus Brother's fabric to add to my civil war stash.
It was a good visit to the shop and the owner suggested I travel up the highway to Dyersville.
You know the home of the "Field of Dreams" and the catch phrase "It's not heaven it's Iowa" .

Here's the store fron of Vintage Threads.
It turns out that Vintage Threads was chosen as one of the top 10 quilt shops and will be featured in the Fall 2011 Quilt Sampler magazine!
How cool for them.
I was excited to visit a top 10 shop and was able to see their quilt that will be featured in the magazine.
I didn't take pictures inside as I got the impression that wouldn't be a good idea with the magazine thing this fall.

Some of my fabric loot: good ole red, white and blue.
With these prints I taught my mom how to make yo-yo's with a Clover yo-yo maker.
She's going to make a  yo-yo flag and these prints were perfect.

And here are some the other odd and ends that jumped in my arms :)
Over all its a nice shop with wool, primitive and dark colors.
So if you are in the area of Northeast Iowa...check out the Cotton Cabin and Vintage Threads you shouldn't be disappointed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Spreading the word

Spreading the word .... Accuquilt is having a HUGE Die sale....
in case you want to expand your die collection and give one of my Go! tutorials a try.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Amongst our Lillies....

we found...

At first it freaked us out that we had an orange tentacle growing in our mulch....but once we figured it out..we calmed down and removed it. If you don't remove them they begin to smell like a dead carcass apparently.  Thank goodness it's gone. Have you ever had one of these?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where inspiration leads me....

The title is no small title is it?
Where inspiration leads me.
It's a tale of where do I begin.

Some where along the line I have gotten a glimpse here, a tweet there about Vignette by LeAnne Beasley.
My interest was piqued.
I didn't know exactly what the magazine promised but it looked good on the front cover and many quilters were buying.
Did they know something I didn't?
I HAD to find out.
So I made a mental note that the next 'shop' I saw advertise the Vignette would be where I'd buy it.
That way I wouldn't forget to buy it or later wished I had.
Sharon of Daisy Cottage Quilting did just that.
She posted about having Issue 3 available and I was ready.
I bought Issues 1,2 and 3 **

All I can say is WOW *
This is a MUST.
 Completely beautiful photography,
inspiring recipes {chicken salad we made last week},
and stitchery and quilting patterns.
That brings me to the Vignette Hexagon Quilt.

At first I thought it was pretty...then I paged through the magazine again and thought some more.
and more and more.....

I had to make this quilt.

Well My version of this quilt.
I dug through a bag of hexagons of no particular purpose and began to plan.
I gathered orphan jelly roll strips and charms for the flowers as well.
I broke out my GO! fabric cutter and off I went. I cut hexagons for about an hour.
I have no idea how many I cut. I should I'll quilt instead.
My DD that's 4...she did some of the cutting with the GO! as well.
It excites her to help me sew.
Right about the time that I was cutting hexagons it dawned on me
  I need a special project bag for these hexies.

So I paged through the Fresh Fabric Treats book and found the sewing kit by Kim Walus.
It looked simple.
Then I started to gather the ingrediants.
You know, 9pm at night, stores closed and I didn't plan ahead.....
So vinyl.
Where do I get vinyl for the bag?
I didn't have vinyl but I DID have the packaging of a sheet set.
Okay...I can recycle and I have vinyl *
winner :)))
So I cut the vinyl as best as possible and the one piece actually had a pocket fused to it.
 I think it held the information card for the sheets at one time.
It's hard to get a good picture of the bag.

I used Terrain by Kate Spain, recycled vinyl and a thift store zipper PLUS I have a pocket.
I am very happy how this bag turned out.
The instructions were clear and correct. 
The only problem I had was with the vinyl shifting or slipping between my fabric sandwich.
I ended up basting the vinyl to one strip with 1/8" seam AND then sewing all 3 pieces together with a 1/4" seam. It worked out perfectly well.

You can see how I put the hexagon paper pieces in the pocket.
My game plan is to work on this while I am laid up during my next surgery.
Yes, you read that correctly....I am having surgery #2 already.
So it will be hexies and the Food Network!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strip-Smart blog/book tour Winner Info.

Are you the winner?
Head over to Kathy's blog to see.
She has listed ALL of the blog winners there.
AND leave a comment for the Grand Prize giveaway.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Stash #11

Does Cosmo thread count in my stash?
I bought this happy bundle of 16 to go with the stitchery project in Vignette magazine.
More on that tomorrow.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

looking for 4th of July projects?

I realize that this is Father's Day weekend however, it is getting awefully close to the 4th of July.
Have you decorated?
I have :)

The Patriotic star placemats.

In addition, I finished up my 'cheater' flag pillow.
It's a panel from Marcus Brothers I believe.
Since it's a 'cheater' of sorts I took the opportunity to try something that I have never attempted before.
I stuffed this pillow with scraps.
Scrap batting.
Scrap fabric.
Scrap thread.
just scraps no polyfil.
talk about re-cycling :)
This gives the pillow a firmer feel, and frankly it reminds me of the type of pillow my grandma had on her front porch swing.
It could sit outside in the elements and she didn't mind.
Definitely brings back memories.

And this is a little corner of red, white and blue including a pincushion I made from Pine Mountain patterns.
I hope you will find some inspiration to create a project for the 4th.
Happy Saturday sewing :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strip-Smart Quilts Book Tour and Giveaway

Check out Kathy's blog for the winners information

Today is THE day!
My review of the Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet.
Let me just say that this a must have for jelly roll or pre-cut quilters.
Granted it works even if you cut your own 2.5" strips or other stash.....
Again that's the cool part.  You can use your stash and make an adorable quilt.

It is likely that you have already read on the other tour blogs about how the Creative Grids Ruler works.
I could talk about that...
however I just suggest you get the book.
The directions are clear and the pictures are very clear as well.

I chose the Merry-Go-Round quilt for my 'test' quilt.
I didn't have to make a test quilt. I could have gotten by with a test block.....
what fun is that?
As a quilter, I like to see a book pattern done a different way, your own twist.
So here it is.

Merry-Go-Round in Hoo's in the Forrest by Doohikey Designs and Riley Blake.
I used 16  2.5" strips from a Roley Poley, found HERE and HERE.
Here is an up close picture of the seams of this quilt.
I did pin.
But I didn't pre-trim my blocks or trim off the 'ears' of the triangles.
It was pretty remarkable to me.

Here is my Merry-Go-Round quilt top.
With the 16 strips instead of the number in the book pattern my quilt is a 48"X48" sqaure.
I don't plan on using a border because I like it as is.

Now if you are ready to have this book in your library and
 ruler in your stash just leave a comment.

Kathy will be choosing a winner!!

Make sure that you do not miss the rest of the tour participants.
Each of these gals provide a great review of the book.

Tomorrow's blog is Camille of Thimbleblossoms and she's sure to dazzle us.
June 11 - Laurie Simpson - Minnick and Simpson
June 12 - Tara Darr - Sew Unique Creations
June 13 - Joan Ford - Hummingbird Highway
June 14 - Linda Lum De Bono - Linda Lum De Bono
June 15 - Elizabeth Scott - Late Bloomer Quilts
June 16- Lissa Alexander - ModaLissa
June 17 - Vickie Eapen - Spun Sugar Quilts Me !!!
June 18 - Camille Roskelley - Thimble Blossoms
June 19 - Debbie Field - Granola Girl Designs

Good Luck!

Fresh Fabric Treats Book Signing

I will be signing Fresh Fabric Treats books at Quilter's Cottage in Garden City, SC on July 2 from 11am-12:30pm.
I will be bringing my quilt from the book, a new project that I have started from FFT book and a few other Moda Bakeshop projects that I have made.
The Quilter's Cottage will be having a sale the same day 30% off ALL fabric to 'sweeten' the deal.

For the confirmed list of book signings check the Moda Bakeshop site HERE.

If you are going to be vacationing in the Myrtle Beach area or live near this area in South Carolina please stop by as I'd love to meet you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Something old.....Something new

I am sure you recall my elongated tumbler quilt.

Better known as "Hello Yellow" done in Botany.
The original magazine pattern is out of print.
I have had several quilt shop requests for the pattern and
 I decided to make the pattern available AND  in 6 sizes!

My first pack of patterns on it's way to a quilt shop!
I am excited. Now I just have to get this printer on a larger scale :)
in the mean time it is available at
I hope to have a few more of my patterns ready for patternspot by this weekend.
big goal huh?
In the between time....

I have even started ANOTHER elongated tumbler quilt with Riley Blake's new Christmas line Holly Jolly by My Minds Eye.
Using a fat quarter bundle I can make a twin size quilt!.
Since it's for Christmas, though, I am going to make couch size.
I am really loving this line with the greys.
 I hadn't planned on using grey in my Christmas decor until I saw this fabric bundle.
I have been sewing a few other little projects too...
more on that later.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A confession.

I am addicted to the Food Network.
Since my surgery and being held hostage in a recliner for 2 weeks,
I have been watching the Food Network....
all the stars of food network.....

 Bobby Flay
Iron Chef.

 Guy Fieri ....enough said.

totally hooked me with her style.

and Ina.
Barefoot Contessa

Walking through Wal-Mart I find myself searching for artichokes and capers...
dreaming of whole egg mayonaise and chives.....

And now I am watching the Food Network Star Competition.

It's an addiction.
And now I think I need this insider's guide??
wha wha what? no I really don't.
I need to get back to quilting.
I will.
I swear.
after I watch just one more show LOL ;)