Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes it's hard to say No.

Especially when your mouth falls to the floor when asked to participate in something you adore.

Those were my feelings when I was asked to join the Mistletoe Make and Bake 2010.



The Mistletoe Make and Bake 2010.
There will be a baker's dozen of designer projects and dozens of cookies recipes for you just in time for the holidays. So get ready to hop through some wonderful blogs, collecting gift-giving projects and yummy cookie recipes perfect for your holiday cookie exchanges!

If you are interested in visiting the other tour folks I have included the links for you ;)

Day 1:  November 15

Day 2:  November 16

Day 3:  November 17

Day 4:  November 18

Day 5:  November 19

Day 6:  November 20

Day 7: We rest and eat cookies.
okay now I am off to figure out my cookie recipes.
Do you think it's cheating IF they are really my mom's, husband's or friend's recipes ???

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh yes I did!

200 Kona solid fat quarters.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

This really was my present to myself teehee..

p.s. there's a bit of a story behind this purchase. While in FL I saw both boxes in a local quilt shop. I asked the price. I about fell on the floor when they said $2.75 a fat quarter (that tranlates to $11 a yard!). I came home and I purchased these from the Fat Quarter Shop with a 20% coupon and free shipping. $2.75 a fat quarter or $1.35 a fat quarter? hmm...I'll take $1.35 thank you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

February Stitchery ...I know odd.

Pattern: Buttermilk Basin
Finished stitching 10/24/10
Still looking for a frame suitable for all 12 months or close to it.
and I may or may not have started 'March'.... :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scary Days

Scary Days

Finished 10/24/10
Pattern: Seasonal Days Little Pillows Kalico Kreations
Kit: The Cotton Cabin Dubuque, Iowa
This was very easy to piece.
Just a 4 patch and add some fusible applique. 
I stitched my applique through to a batting 'interfacing' to add dimension.
 I most enjoyed the simple stitched 'label', where I used pinking shears on the edges.
I have several of these pillows in process.
 I just don't like to change my sewing machine feet back and forth from applique to 1/4".
I tend to keep the 1/4" on. These could be slow going...we'll see.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

psst....I'm #18

Gen X quilters is hosting a Spooky Quilt Contest.

I entered my Spooky Spun Sugar Little Quilt, tutorial here.
Voting is now open. Please have a look at the entries...
as I said "ahem, I'm #18".....
{shameless plea for votes :)}
if you are so inclined please vote for my entry Spooky Little Quilt.

100 Blocks

Did you notice this new button on my sidebar?

My block is in the second volume of 100 blocks!!

& my block may have also made the cover!!

Mark your calendars for Nov. 8–12

to join the 100 Blocks Blog Tour!

You'll have many opportunities to win a copy of the magazine as well as other prizes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My fun night. CMQG

What a fun night. I met soooo many people.
I hope I didn't scare anyone away!

I have a couple of disclaimers about the pics:
We asked if we could make pictures first.
I was so busy looking I missed pictures of some great quilts!!
These are just a fraction of what was shown.
There was a HUGE turn out for the meeting.

This is ModernJax's quilt and I believe she followed a quilt along on Red Barn Co. via flickr.
It was a great quilt. I love the Rainy Days and Monday fabric line by Riley Blake.
I have some and haven't picked a pattern yet.

 This is a sewing machine cover from the latest Quilters Home mag. Looked very cool.

 Oh My...this was the first time I came to know Amanda. She was making Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt.
It was so inspiring. And she was machine quilting it with 1/2 lines.

Paula, shocked ALL of us with this quilt.  Tokyo Subway Quilt Along with Oh! Frannson.

 Clever is all I have to say.
You should have seen the back (too busy looking and yep I forgot to photograph DOH!).

Cristin's scraps scraps? huh? I am thinking that should be an ENTIRE quilt for MY bed.

And finally a Modern Jax's quilt...I believe her first quilt, though not her first finish.
I happen to be real good at that...start stuff...finish it WAY later.

All in all, it was a wonderful night of meeting tons of new to me people and getting inspired to create modern quilts.
If you live within driving distance of Columbus, make modern quilts, seriously consider attending the next meeting of the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild.
 You'll be glad you did.

Friday, October 22, 2010

*^* Spooky Spun Sugar Little Quilt*^*

I started this little project a month or so ago. Finally finished the binding just in time for Halloween.
I found a cool ruler by Creative Grids and thought I would share with you how to use it and inspire you to create something a bit wonky for this Halloween.

Spooky Spun Sugar Quilt
16" X 16"

Charm Pack Haunted Mansion by Sanae for Moda
Creative Grid Straight Out of Line Ruler

Cut 5" strip of Bella solid Grey
Subcut the Bella Grey into {8} 5' squares
Choose 8 charm squares (9 shown as one was my test block)

Now layer one grey 5" solid with one charm square.
****Be sure that the print is facing up****
Make 4.

Line up the Straight Out of Line Ruler on the 5 mark.

Cut on the ruler edge.
 Following instructions on the ruler, TURN the ruler 90 degrees and cut again.
The results is 4 wonky pieces.
Shuffle the pieces by alternating 2 solids and 2 prints as shown.

Sew together similar to a 4 patch, carefully flipping on piece on to the other and pinning.
Because of the wonky cuts, they will not line up the same as straight cut pieces.
You should have 8 blocks 4.5" X4.5" at this point.

Take a solid 5" square and layer it with a charm square wrong side up.
*****Print MUST be wrong side up*****
Continue to subcut the squares the same way as you did for the first 8 blocks.
It is critical, for a successful arrangement, that you DO NOT flip the ruler in this entire process.
Just TURN the ruler. IF you flip it, then ALL your blocks will go the same direction and the solid will not alternate with the prints once they are sewn together (ask me how I know this).
If your blocks are correctly cut, then continue to piece them as before.
 You should have 8 more 4.5" X 4.5" wonky blocks.
Arrange your blocks as desired, I chose to have the solid alternate with the prints.
In addition to that, when I quilted the quilt, I connected the corners with straight line quilting using a matching grey thread.
 Bind in a strip on the bias or however you wish. I just really wanted to use that print because I like the spiders on it :)
And there you have it.
Spooky Spun Sugar Little Quilt just in time for Halloween.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coming Soon...

Like tomorrow.

Today, I work.
Removing wallpaper, taping off to paint my office. It's super important and I have several staff assisting me...
Then, my treat tonight is the first EVER meeting of the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild.
Eek! I am so excited. I can't wait to go.
I hope to take pics for a blog post.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Original "Hello Yellow"

 Finished: September 2009
Fabric: Mill House Inn by Fig Tree
Quilted by Jackie K. Canton Village Quilt Works

pre-quilting ------->

I hope it doesn't seem like I am not going to shut up about this quilt. I just wanted to post the original hello yellow quilt top. I finally made a new picture of it.
 The kits for Hello Yellow are sold out, but if you have the magazine you will quickly realize that any layer cake could whip up a super cute quilt.
 I love the original for so many reasons, the quilting especially.
Jackie custom quilted this for me with quilt market as a deadline.
As you all know Jackie is a peach and a fantastic quilter. I wish I could send her all my quilts!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Catch all day

This post is a bit more personal post. If you don't feel like reading it I understand.
It's more for my extended family. 
 Here goes:
To my brother HaPpY BiRthdAY!! Uncle Buck....

Happy belated Birthday to my sister....and WHY the H**L wasn't I invited to Pizza Ranch? (inside joke)

Congrats to my sister she's now 14 weeks pregnant with her first baby....which means I am compiling a list of a million quilty baby things to make her...
 like a
binky holder
quilt(s) (doh! like 4!)
onsies personalized...literally 20 ways LOL
diaper bag
burp clothes
and on and on.
I want to make them ALL pink...and chances are she'll have boy which I know nothing about...
guess I better stick to yellow and green!
Do any of my readers have tutorials for baby items that you found particularly useful?
please pass me the link! thanks :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Ornies

New fallish wool felt...
+ a super cute pattern....
= me getting side tracked and making these.

Halloween Ornies
Takes a serious chunk out of my quilting time..but they are sooo cute and easy.
I have been neglecting my blog. The Florida trip whipped me. Lets not forget working 11 hour days after coming back. I'm whipped.
Today I am sorry to say will not be a sewing day that I know of.
 I 'get' to renew my drivers license which is oh so joyous. I mean how many of you actually LIKE getting the pic on the drivers license? none of us do.
On top of that I have to stop at the post office, carpet company, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Walmart ( all for my office), catch up on emails, my 9 year has the day off school and I am exhausted thinking about all the running around. Come to think of it, today NEEDS to be a sewing day...even if it's only for 10-15 minutes.