Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas in July Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed.
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thank you so much!
You that read correctly.
In celebration of Christmas in July...
I'm getting the ball rolling
With the help of the Fat Quarter shop
I'm giving away a complete fat quarter bundle of
In from the cold by kate Spain!!!!!!!!!!
 Just in time to get started on winter and Christmas gifts.
They have the most up to date website.
Honestly I check their 'what's new" every day.
I can't always buy, but it's fun to look and drool!
The fat quarter shop even offers kits to coordinate with many of the fabric lines they carry.
 kits are an awesome solution to my time crunches.
I am a HUGE fan of Kate Spain and her designs so it pains me to not enter my own giveaway!
but I have to be fair to all of you so I won't enter :)
I will give you  2 entries for the bundle....
So here is what I'd like you to do:
1. Follow me on BLoglovin
and then leave me a comment that you did...
2. Leave a comment about your favorite Christmas memory.
I will  randomly choose a winner on July 3rd.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


the changes have continued.
Only 6 days after kitty entered our lives,
my husband got a call that our beach home had an offer on it!
It was a low ball offer.
They came up and we compromised a bit.
Basically they have cash and want in by the end of July.
So this is our last 'real' trip here.
I am not upset.
We have tried to sell it off and on for 3 years.
It is affordable to us, but we worry constantly about it.
There have been a series of break in's in the neighborhood etc.
We are rarely there.
We wanted it for retirement...but getting through the worry,
general maintenance and repairs until then was just too much for us mentally.

So I will have an entire house of furniture coming at the end of July!
Stuff I just absolutely LOVE.
Like this dresser.
I am changing my whole bed room around and getting a new closet organizer too!
With the extra money from the sale,
I hope to get a new kitchen in our main home and a finished basement.
whew...that's a lot of wishes.
It could take awhile... but worth waiting for.
So as you have been reading, we have been going through a lot of changes lately...

Friday, June 28, 2013

oh lily

We have several lily's this year...

Burgundy Asian...
yellow day lily's
Pink Asian
and a few more that have yet to bloom.
They are very lovely this year!
Do you plant lily's?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

kitty kitty

About 2 weeks  ago one of my staff members spotted a kitten at a busy intersection near our office.
She immediately told me that she was going to get him, so I followed her!
There was this little orange dirty tabby kitten...maybe 6 weeks old.
I put him in my office bathroom.
No one would take him home.
I couldn't leave him at the office,
I couldn't leave him at the busy corner.
So I brought him home.
I spent the next 24 hours convincing my husband to keep him.
He said no.
We set the kitten up in the garage.
In the picture he is trying to get in the house.
We quarantined him so that he wouldn't pass disease to our other cats before he was checked by the vet.
By the next morning my husband text me that
my girls begged to keep the kitten... so he caved.

We took him to the vet 2 days later.
Got his blood checked, antibiotic for eyes and respiratory illness and special food.
 The first few days there was a lot of this ...
but not just because of the kitten.
It was because the same day kitten aka Rascal was taken to the vet,
our 13 year old cat Chew Chew (the black and white one) was taken because I noticed her eye was funny.
Turns out she has an inoperable tumor in her mouth that is growing into her eye socket and pushing her eye forward.
Interesting how that works...
we get a new kitten and find out a week later that our older one is slowly dying.
See why I said there was A LOT of wine!

Anyway little rascal is adjusting pretty well.
He's already found the fabric he likes.

And a warm place to sleep.
So that is just the beginning of the changes in our life in the last couple of weeks.
More on that in my next posts...

Winner of the Fat Quarter Quickies giveaway!

The winner is Carol Candlish!
Carol I will email you and forward your information to Kathy Brown. 
Thanks for the giveaway Kathy!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fat Quarter Quickies Book Tour and Giveaway!

Hello to new visitors, and loyal blog followers!
I was asked by my friend Kathy Brown to check out her newest book
Fat Quarter Quickies!
This book has 11 engaging quilt patterns for just about any occasion.
There are table runners, lap quilts and baby sized quilts too..
ALL from fat quarters.
I don't know about you
but I have a TON of fat quarters to use and
I am excited to find a book to spark
my interest and creativity.
Kathy asked us to pick our favorite quilt,
and by "us" I mean the other book tour pals:
So my favorite???
Well it was hard to choose.
But this one won me over pretty quick.

Sail Away
 is my favorite pattern in the book.
It's simple,
uses half-square triangles (I'm on a real kick with those)
and it's pretty summer colors.
I have some half-square triangles looking for a home
and I think this just might be it!
Over the last few years,
 I have learned that my friend Kathy is VERY generous.
She's so generous that she is going to give away 9 e-copies of her book on this blogger tour!
So If you'd like to win a copy of the book
Fat Quarter Quickies
Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment about how you collect fat quarters.
Do you collect by specific fabric line, color or print like dots or stripes?
I will choose a winner on June 27th!
I am very very interested in your comments on collecting :)

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bundles and scraps for sale

I have been doing a little de-stashing this week.
Check out my Big cartel site if you are interested.
I will be adding items as they sell!
brand new fabric and designer Gina Martin for Moda.
 Fabric due to be released in October.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sweet Thought

My husband took a business trip to Seattle recently.
While he was there they visited a client in Bothell near Seattle.
That just happens to be the home of martingale.
He searched for the directions and made his way there
( AND dragged his work buddy with him!!!!)
Unfortunately since his meeting ran late.
 when he arrived at Martingale they were already closed.
He took these pictures and text them to me.
 I think he really wanted to stop in and talk to
the Martingale staff and take a couple of pictures for me.
It was very very sweet of him.
Maybe some day I'll get to visit martingale,
just to see where all the magic is made.