Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you have a great New Year. We had planned on traveling to South Carolina but there was a last minute change of plans and we spent it here with my parents. My girls are in heaven with their grandparents here.
It's been a fanastic holiday season in 2010 and can't wait to know what 2011 holds!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Finishes and a new beginning

2010 has really been a year of starts and finishes for me. I don't want this to come off as bragging in any way. My blog is my journal and record of my projects and tutorials. I was looking back at the end of 2009 projects and I made about 55 projects.
This year I exceeded my own expectations of what I could accomplish with 10 minutes here or 15 minutes there.
I decided to make a mosaic of my projects. When I realized that it was over 70 items, I decided to split the mosiacs.

1. hello yello, 2. applecore tute, 3. ikea pics, 4. bag, 5. littlest pet shop blythe skirt, 6. Holly days pillow, 7. XL hot pad, 8. 9 patch pincushion, 9. Nifty Notes in Neptune, 10. SImple Abunance Verna, 11. Purse uptown fabric, 12. Simple Abundance Origins , 13. Spooky Spun Sugar Little Quilt, 14. punkin days pillow, 15. scary days pillow, 16. H towel00, 17. 31, 18. Halloween Stitchery pillow, 19. Fall stitchery pillow, 20. patriotic handtowel, 21. 4thplacemat12 copy, 22. Easy Flag, 23. candy corn pincushion, 24. Giant Pincushion complete, 25. 1930s giant pinwheel quilt, 26. tumbler quilt, 27. Hexagon quilt a long pillow, 28. QMMSunshine hexagon runner, 29. WhimsyKite, 30. voile scarf, 31. voile scarf, 32. Fresh Moda Skinny runner, 33. january simple stitchery, 34. February simple stitchery, 35. March Simple Stitchery, 36. April Simple Stitchery

When I count the actual finishes for the year, including the handmade gifts of scarves, bound quilts, secret projects that will be revealed next year, pincushions and tutorials....I made 94!!!

Now I highly doubt that I will exceed 94 projects 2011. I suppose you could say that I have a head start with the unfinished projects laying around. They won't be counted until they are bound or completely sewn.
I am going to try to make a serious effort toward 94 ...but realistically...maybe 50 projects?? we shall see.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This WAS a knitting blog...

It was. I started my blog in 2005 as Mid-Ohio Knitter.
I was determined to make my own knitting patterns and tutorials.
I am not sure what actually enticed me to start back to quilting more but I did.
I kind of abandoned several knitting projects when I dove in quilting again.
This is one of the abandoned scarves.

It's knit in Manos del Uruguay kettle dyed wool which I love.
I knit some while in Texas and I just can't stop knitting on it.
It's addicting but surely cuts into my quilting time LOL!
It's a quick scarf pattern from Interweave Knits a few years ago.
...just might finish it this year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

finished stitcheries

 I finished April simple stitches while we were in TX.
 I didn't have the cord for my camera to transfer pics.
I am WAY behind in terms of blogging finishes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

* Be Mine Blog Tour *

You may have noticed the little button on my side bar.
A group of blog buddies and I have gotten together to bring you a fantastic group of projects to inspire you for this Valentine's Day!
It all begins on January 9th!
Spread the word in blogland.
A new project each day for 7 days.
To sweeten the tour, the Fat Quarter Shop has generously donated prizes.
Yes, I said prizes...plural!!!!
Look each day for the post and leave a comment to win!
7 days, 7 bloggers, 7 projects and 7 giveaways!!!

Tour Participants:

January 9th - Vickie E of Spun Sugar Quilts
January 10th- Sherri of A Quilting Life
January 11th - Jen of Miss Punkie Pie
January 12th - Kim of Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure
January 13th - Carol of Carol's Crafty Creations
January 14th - Stephanie Little Lady Patchwork
January 15th -Natalia of Piece n Quilt

Can't wait for you to join us.

Voile Christmas scarves

I forgot to post the Voile scarves I made for my sisters and mom.

They all tried them on.

Really glad I made part of this Christmas "handmade".

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Staff Christmas Party.

This is the gift package each of my staff received.
There is a tiny box in there from the local jewelry store.
I have to tell this story because well it really affected me.
So before I tell about the handmade gifts and fun we had, please read this.
I was running all around on the 21st and 22nd trying to wrap everything up for the party. We had been in TX and I was ill prepared for our return.
I decided to run to the local jewelry store to pick up my order. It was 4:30 pm on the 21st.
When I got there, I gave my name and said I have an order to pick up, repeated my name.
I waved hello to the owner (a personal friend), while his staff went for my gift packages.
When the gal returned, she began to open the boxes. I said "this isn't what I ordered".
In my mind I was rushing ideas of what could have happened.
I quickly looked at the tag on the order.
It was my husband's name.
She brought out HIS order.
HIS Christmas surprise for me.
Can you believe it?
Know what the lady said?
"Can you just fake like it's a surprise?"
I said sure....all the while thinking...just wait until I tell him.
I was devastated. I knew he wanted this to be a surprise. I knew it would crush him that I saw it.
So I bustle out of the store and jump in the car.
I drove right past the daycare...forgetting to pick up my kids until I was 4 more blocks away.
I was in such a jumble....
I turned around and picked up my kids LOL...thank goodness I didn't make it all the way home right?
I told my husband.
He was pretty upset. He told them to keep the earrings.
It really took me the rest of the night to get out of my 'funk' from that.
But I did.
And we have had a wonderful Christmas....

I showed this quilt top back in April. Some of you might remember the post.
I had big dreams of making several 'seasons' of skinny verna table runners etc.
I thought that if I started them back in March 2010 that I would surely get them done.
Well I was able to get one season done for my staff.
And this is a picture of all 7 of them.
I finished the last 2 on December 22nd!
I am such a procrastinator sometimes.
Our party was on the 23rd.
My awesome husband helped make some hors d'oeuvres and clean the house so I could finish them.

 They seemed to love them.
I hope they weren't faking!

In addition to the runners, I made Voile scarves for each of them.
I used Anna Maria Horner's Voile and a free pattern from Twin Fibers.

 I actually made 18 scarves for Christmas.
I have been working on them all year.
 I didn't blog about it, because they read my blog!
I also gave them to all my sisters, mom, and sister in law.

 Here's some more happy girls.
They have a secret santa exchange every year.
Bec got a hat, scarf and gloves plus one of my crafty staff made her an XL Hotpad after seeing my tutorial.
That was flattering for me for sure.
 Jamie got 'Brittany' perfume...she's a rockstar!

 Of course, no holiday is complete without a little Margaritaville....
The details of this snowman were amazing. A local artist made it for Mel.

 And what did my awesome staff buy for me??
Go! dies of course!
I was super excited to see a 3 1/2" tumbler, a chisel die, and a 2 1/4"strip die too for my bindings.
I can not wait to try them.
We had a great night and topped it off with dinner at a new steakhouse near our town.
So despite my somewhat disappointing start to the week with the jewelry store fiasco...
We had a wonderful week and evening.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fandango and book Giveaway winners

The lucky winners are
Karen of Karen's Quilting Blog
the Fandango fat quarters!
Carla F. With Needle and Thread
the Simple Shapes book!!

thanks for all the wonderful comments on the Star Drops table topper.

I loved making it.
I think I am going to take suggestions of some bloggers and make a Christmas version!!
If there were more hours in the day. I have enough material to blog for a month. I just didn't have time to sit and blog it.
Can't wait to though. We are here for the weekend. That is a gift in itself.
My goals are to get caught up on my sewing, blogging, tutorials and a special January surprise for all of you.
In the midst of that, I will be cooking.... barely, and playing board games with my girls.
Should be an excellent weekend.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Star Drops and a giveaway

New project on the bakeshop!
This is going to be a quick giveaway.  I am on my way home today and soon as I get my bearings straight I will post a picture of the actual fat quarters. I don't have my camera cord...I know smart right?
If you'd like to win leave a comment here for one of 2 prizes:
A set of 12 Moda fat quarters of Fandango 
A copy of Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book.

 And for an additional chance leave a comment on my new project
Star Drops at the Moda Bakeshop.
I will select the winners by random on December 24th.
****Comments Closed. I will post a winner ASAP!****

SMS Giveaway Winner

Winner of the SMS giveaway is Stacey. I have emailed you :)
happy sunday.

Recognize this fabric line? I have been working with it on and off for a few months. And I will have a new Moda Bakeshop project made from It's a Hoot and giveaway tomorrow. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Boy's Story

Last week I stopped at my LQS with my mother in law. I am always looking to see what new things she has since I hadn't been there in nearly 2 months.
I found a few fabrics I liked, mostly for my stash.
The best find, in my opinion, was the book "A Boy's Story" by Ami Downs.
I had seen Ami's booth at quilt market and loved these projects.
With no boy to quilt for, I passed on buying the book.

Now that my sister is having a boy, I DO have a reason to have this book LOL.
So I bought it.
I am planning on putting the robot applique on a onesie.
The possibilities are endless.

And I love this quilt too with the big stitch quilting.
So if you are looking for an inspiring boy quilt book, this is it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 Since we happen to be celebrating Christmas 4 times this kids have gotten their Christmas presents in stages. American Girl came from my mother.  And Blythe with Littles Pet Shop from my mother in law.
It became an obssession for my 9 year old to clothe Blythe with more that what she came with.
Like immediately.
So Sunday evening, I dug through some of my older Lil Bratz knit clothing and original patterns for lil Bratz clothes to see how close the fit would be. To my daughters astonishment,they fit the Little Pet Shop sized Blythe doll.
Here's the original Lil Bratz knit pattern on my blog.

 G insisted I take pictures of the looks.
I have several items that need snaps or to be sewn up the back and they are done.

 I think on was a purchased outfit but my memory is pretty bad about it. If I bought this one it was about 6 years ago.
 I made this skirt with quilting cotton and knit the top.
 This dress is knit and my own design.
 This is also knitted.
This was another pattern I was trying.
Now I am inspired to create more outfits for her little Blythe girl. Maybe a cloche or something too...
the possibilities are endless.