Sunday, January 29, 2012

hind sight?

So yesterday I was trying to find a suitable backing for a recent quilt.
I picked this 1974 Urban Chicks fabric from my stash.
I needed 4 yards or 70"x70".
Surely I bought a 4 yard piece of this fabric...
it's 3 1/4 yards.
I tried to figure out mathematically how I could get the piece I needed
BUT it just wasn't enough....
I whined and groaned and searched my fabric stash....
I gave up on that and found another stash piece of 1974 Urban Chicks in Red
sure enough I did have 4 yards.

In hind sight...
I wish I had bought 4 yards of the light fabric or any fabric for that matter.
I found that every piece I had that 'might' be enough...wasn't enough.
I have a lot of stash but not a lot of backing sized stash.
I thought about piecing the backing but my machine quilter isn't fond of that
(yeah it's sometimes frustrating but he's a convenient so I take that inconvenience)
I think the next time I find a 'deal' or sale yardage I am buying 4-6 yard pieces for backings.
Ever been in this situation?

Saturday, January 28, 2012


inches of binding made yesterday....
and that's just the beginning....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fave Pin Friday #9

Funky Valentines are my fave pin this week.
I want to sew some right now...
Click on the patternspot link to this free pattern.

By the way, I missed the Thursday Three yesterday.
I was so wrapped up in my week that I forgot about it.
I know how on earth could I do that?
Well, my hubby was gone for 5 days, while he was gone my sister was here with her 9 month old baby.
 Add work and kids and generally crazy life and you have a recipe for failure.
I just did what I could and the blog got neglected.
I haven't been able to show much of the sewing I have been doing but there's quite a bit going on.
On a super happy note, I got an iphone today!
I was a diehard blackberry this is a BIG deal for me.
So far it's been easy to use.
Any quilt/sewing Apps I must have?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fave Pin Friday #8

Brown Sugar Blondies


I am pretty sure this sums up what I want to make today...
just need the pretty M&M's.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Three:

First blog on the radar today is
Anyone Can Quilt
This blogger has several neat projects to look at.

I'm crushing on "Cotton Flowers" fabric choices for her bag.
I must check this blog often, for inspiration, of course.

a more modern-ish style blogger designer....
I think I may have seen her blog before but for some reason it didn't end up in my google reader.
It's there now!

I hope you find an enjoyable new blog today.
Have a great day :)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

♥ 12 done ♥

12 days/12 blocks!
I am so happy that I squeezed in some time yesterday afternoon to finish sewing these.
I hope to set them this weekend.
I doubt it will get quilted in the near future....but the top will be done atleast....
{p.s. Block can be found at Temecula Quilts}

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday Three


This blog features a Blythe clothier, crafter, stitcher kind of gal.
I am smitten with her pink dresses for Blythe's...
Pink, red, white, Valentine-y fever....


so much inspiration on this blog for the stitcher in all of us.
and lastly...

A plethora of sewing ideas...
check em out.

p.s. just an fyi...this is NOT sponsored in any way. I just stumble on new blogs I'd like to share :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Getting the Valentine crafting itch...

yep the Valentine crafting has begun with Bareroots stitchery.
I used some scraps of Ruby for the border of the pillow.

add some crayons
a little varigated DMC threads...
I'm on my way to 'finishing' something...