Monday, November 28, 2011

For the beginner Quilters....a giveaway

I have recently reviewed a new basics quilting book for House of White Birches.
Learn to Make a Quilt from start to finish by Carolyn Vagts is packed with just the basics.
I have been quilting for 15 years and 'thought' I know just about everything there is to know about quilting techniques.
But I know there is still more for me to learn!

Learn to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish includes advice on everything from fabric and pattern selection to cutting techniques and tips on completing a quilt. It focuses on one pattern, with one block that can be turned in different directions to create a number of different designs.
The book is written to teach beginners how to make a first quilt, with step-by-step photos that walk the quilter through each stage of the quilt-making process. Added tips and insights on techniques are included to make sewing easier and more accurate.
It's definitely a great book for your quilting library.
If you'd like to win a copy, please leave a comment.
I will randomly chose a winner on Dec.6th!
thanks :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

oooo DS Daisy Mae....

This was my retail therapy the night before my surgery.
Oh no there is a story behind this fabric.
 I mean a LONG story.
I have never ever had fabric cutting take so long.
19 half yards took 40 minutes.
then the clerk didn't charge 2 of the prints so they took another 15 minutes to figure which ones they missed.

Wow it was a major kerfluffle...
I kept my cool...
mainly because my nearest JoAnn's didn't have the new line.
I was in one of the Columbus stores before my mom's flight arrived.
Thank goodness I really allowed myself extra time!

They are fantastic colors.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Creating desire fullfilled

I have been longing to make some doll clothes for my girls' dolls.
They have several dolls but it seems that the LaLaloopsy's are the favorite plus my Grace loves American Girl.
I just finished a messenger bag for her A.G. doll.

I have shown several of the A.G. outfits I have made over the last year....
but now I am creating Lalaloopsy sized clothes.

I drafted several patterns for the 13" Lalaloopsy from scratch to make an A-line skirt, jumper, pants, t-shirt and I hope to make a hat soon too.
 I just basically measured the doll arms, legs, waist, neck etc and kind of drew them based on how I have sewn other patterns.
I didn't copy patterns. They are basic but super fun.
I have loads of ideas for embellishing the clothes too.
Wish I could stand long enough to cut more out....
 Once I am feeling better then I may make pdf's of the clothes.
You'll be the first to know when they are done.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fave Pin Friday #2 : Vintage Shapes

These Vintage Fabric shapes from Pugly Pixel are awesome clip art for your blog!
I so want to do the premium membership so I can get all the shapes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a Black Friday nudge

Happy Thanksgiving!!
There is so much to be thankful for this year.
Thank you to all my blog readers :)

There are a few Black Friday sales related to quilting that I just had to pass on.
I am going to do my shopping online this year....

First Martingale:
They are offering 50% off all books and free shipping.
I can tell you right now I have about 5 titles I am getting. You know because I need so many new books!

Black Friday Blowout: Over 200 items 30-50% OFF for 3 days only!
Cyber Monday Sale: 25% off any order – 4 days only! Use coupon code: monday11. Offer expires at Midnight CST, Thursday, Dec 1st. Terms: Coupon must be used online and can only be used once. Discount is not combinable with any other offer and is not applicable to clubs, programs or the purchase of gift certificates. Not applicable to previous orders.
{I can tell you right now that I have a "Cart" waiting for the 25% off sale!!!}

and Finally Accuquilt:
{my-vertisement is that I LOVE accuquilt and this is the time of the year I get most of my dies!}

{the "regular" advertisement is below}
With Black Friday being the busiest shopping day of the year, many of you may prefer to avoid the hassle of long checkout lines and frantic shoppers. You can now find the perfect gift for the quilter in your life in the comfort of your own home without battling others for popular and discounted items. Not only will you avoid the trip to retail shops, but you can also save money by taking advantage of exclusive online sales that retailers now offer like AccuQuilt. Check out AccuQuilt’s online Black Friday sales now by clicking on the following link:
Unsure of what to purchase at
Get the quilter in your life the gift of choice with AccuQuilt’s eGift Cards.
These gift cards make it extremely easy for you and can be in any dollar increment!

Have a great day!
Have fun shopping :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm almost not sure where to begin this post.
As many of you know I had surgery last week.
It is thankfully my last this year and for quite some time if I can manage it.
I guess we are never sure if our health will hold out but I am hedging my bets in a positive direction.
Part of the specialness of this last week was that my mom came to stay with us.
She can rarely take any time off of her job as a hair dresser so this was even more special.
My girls loved it.
There were some ups and downs and now I am on the mend but the leg still lets me know every 4 hours that it's still there!
My mom went home yesterday.
That was tough because we miss her.
One consolation is that we are traveling to see them in a couple of weeks...
Now about today.
Today is not like any other wednesday.
I was planning a stay it home day.
That quickly changed when I realized that my 10 year old had a doctors appt.
 (since they are off school for Thanksgiving).
Hubby is working so my broken self was elected to take her.
When I got home....
there was a package at my door.
It said Moda on the side
(from a distance I could read this because..well I have a hawk-eye for Moda!)

When I picked up the box...I quickly realized it wasn't Moda at all....
It was from Joyce from J'Ellens.
What on earth?
Did I order and not remember?
I mean the anesthetic and vicodin could have done it....lapsed memory...
no I didn't order. I'm sure I didn't.

In the box were 4 blue bags
and a
"quilted" card.

gorgeous 'quilted' card.
I was/am stunned.

Joyce and Katrina sent me treats to help me feel better.
3 fat quarters and 3 jelly rolls of new Moda solids....
robin egg blue, porcelain and slate grey.
I am just stunned.
I almost instantly started crying from happiness that they were so thoughtful.
I don't deserve to have such great friends.
I can't wait to see them and thank them in person.
Joyce and Katrina...if you are reading this....
You made my day, week and month.
I am so thankful.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Stash #16 and my status

Well it's Sunday.
3 days after my surgery and I am having pain but less than yesterday.
I knew it would be like this but it doesn't take the discomfort away :(
I am seriously hoping to be like 100% better tomorrow...
okay better enough to go to see Breaking Dawn Part 1.
My mom is here and we were going to go together while the kids are in school.
So hoping I feel up to it.
In the mean time...
Here's Nine Dots by Carrie Nelson for Henry Glass
my Sunday Stash....

I have been dreaming about stitching.
Mind you I have done a bit of the binding I had planned
 but I want to ...SEW
 sew a whole quilt top...
I must be on the up swing ....
however, the body has to catch up with the mind.
I guess I'll keep dreaming for a few more days.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fave Pin Friday

This is my favorite pin of the week.
Which Princess are you?
I'm Tiana.
There are TONS of cool stuff on pinterest as you probably already know.
You can follow my pins

 Follow Me on Pinterest
I hope to share a new favorite pin with you each Friday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Going Coastal

Going Coastal is my dream fabric.
I am particularly smitten with the bottle caps print.
I've made a quilt with it....
however it's refused to be photographed.
Just kidding about the refusal,

unfortunately I can't quite show it to you yet :(
There are quite a few quilts that I just can't let you view.
It looks like ALL I am blogging lately is piles of stash.
pretty stash though.

Monday, November 14, 2011

new books to inspire

 Quilt Market and all the blog posts have doomed me.
I want to buy so many fabric lines....
ugh it's embarassing, I MUST control myself....
in the mean time.........
Friday I went to my nearest JoAnn's.
I was armed with coupons but no real plan.
BIG Mistake.
I ended up spending nearly an hour looking at books and magazines
 (Mollie Makes which they did NOT have despite the fact that MM says they all do,
so I was disappointed on that front)

I did, however, take a little charm home with me.
3X the Charm in fact.
Me and My Sister gals have out done themselves.
I bought 2.
One for me and one for my Mother in Law.
Her birthday is coming so I decided to get this book
and cut up the quilts for her as kits.
 I spent all Friday night picking fabric for 4 of the 7 in the book and cutting it all.
Yep. I cut all the pieces because it is increasingly difficult for my MIL to do it herself.

For myself, I plan on making Greta first....perhaps out of Hello Luscious? I'm not sure.
In the mean time, I have
pretty in patchwork doll quilts to keep me busy.

I couldn't resist this one.

full of ideas and this quilt which about made my heart stop.
I so enjoy this one, it makes me smile and think that it needs to be a bed quilt.

Of course, I didn't leave without magazines.
Make Ahead Holiday is packed with yummy looking recipes.

But take a look inside Stitch Craft Create...
Now I have reading material for my time off....
my outlook is getting better every minute.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Lark" the Herald Angels Sing...

I can't help it.
Everytime I look at this fabric
I have the Christmas song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" floating in my mind.

It's not all.
There may be something seriously wrong with me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

getting a head start....

I made some bindings so that I can sew them onto quilts this weekend and prepare hand work to do while I am off the next 2 weeks.
Actually, I am off work for 11 days.
How did I manage that?
I am having surgery again.
This is the last one this year....I hope.
At any rate, I am preparing handwork and english paper piecing to keep me busy.
My mom is coming too which should be a BIG help.

Friday, November 11, 2011

the beginning of great things.

These have arrived....

Hello Luscious, Good Fortune and Salt Air
from various sources
okay it was ebay....
and one bundle was from Moda for a tutorial...
I couldn't resist ebay.
But I still NEED a few more new lines...specific precuts and yardage
so January, February and March can't come soon enough.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Top done

Ah yes the borders are on and it's ready for quilting.
That's the next challenge...hand quilt? machine quilt?
Well I did hand piece the flowers so I think I am going to hand quilt it.
That could take awhile but atleast the top is done!
I didn't really intend to be 'away' from my blog this long.
I am going to try to be better.
I  just didn't want to post without pictures.
I've been doing stuff like
I made a pie...
but I don't think Marie Callenders count as "my pie recipe".
So I decided not to post it LOL.
I am going to make some more pictures this weekend, it's a beautiful weekend for it.