Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hexies with inspirational messages? yes please.

One of the first areas that I shop at quilt market is always
Moda (land).
That's what we call it, by we, I mean Stefanie and I.
You have to hit Moda-land first because of the mini charm packs,
and any other awesome items for sale at the booths.

At the Pittsburgh quilt market I stopped by Laundry Basket Quilts booth.
Edyta happened to have a new product for English paper piecing called
"Charms" English Piecing Shapes.
I bought quite a few sizes including 7/8" hexagons.

The very special thing about these shapes is the
inspiration words printed on them.
"sewing forever"
"made with love"
and many many more.

I liked them so much I broke into my mini charm pack of 
Penny and Friends by Darlene Zimmerman to try them out.
How would they be different from Paperpieces.com or Patchwork Busy Fingers?
Well first, they are printed with sweet sayings
and the paper is quite a bit thinner.
The differences did affect how I prepared my paper pieces.
I cut my seam allowances a bit narrower so that I wouldn't cover up the sayings!
And since I use the glue baste technique, 
I needed to be careful with the paper being so thin.
That being said, I quickly got the hang of it and even though 
the paper was thinner, it folded with crisp edges.

Here is the beginning of my hand piecing. 
Sewing the thinner paper was actually easier than the stiffer card stock of other companies.
Who knew? I thought it would be more challenging but it is actually easier to manipulate. 
If you are an english paper piecer or would like to try paper piecing, 
I recommend trying a pack of these papers if you get the chance.
As I said, I bought mine at quilt market.
I also picked up 4 extra packs of the 7/8" size and 
have listed them on my etsy site if you would like to try them too.
I hope to carry more sizes in the future.

 As an added bonus this week in honor of Father's Day,
I have a sale this week on my site for 15% off entire site with code FATHER15 at checkout!

p.s. this isn't a sponsored post...unless you count my etsy site as a sponsor (;

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fabulously Fast Quilts .... my quilting thought.

Do you have this book? or e-book?
You should.
There are a bunch of cute easy quilts just waiting to be made.

Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart is awesome.
I first met Amy at quilt market in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2011.
If you don't know Amy she blogs at Diary of a Quilter.
She has some great tutorials on her blog, stories about her family and her own pattern line.
It was only natural that she write a book about quilting.

I just wanted to share photos particularly of the quilts
that I like from her book.
I'm thinking a scrappy low volume bundle or
scraps plus some red and blue for a patriotic quilt.
Although I have a bunch of deadlines coming my way
 so I might not be able to start by the Fourth of July!

In the meantime, I'm paging through this gem and dreaming.....
If you have time, check out Amy's blog... today she's talking about
blocks and a quilt retreat.

p.s. this was not a sponsored post...just want to share my quilting thoughts

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I want to apologize for the delay in choosing a winner for my most recent giveaway. 

I didn't forget.... Really I didn't. 
Actually, I made a spontaneous excision to pack up our car and drive to Iowa. 
Wow that sounds CRAZY right? Well maybe not to you but for me it was completely out of character. 
I usually plan a road trip weeks or months in advance... not a day. 
My kids were upset that I didn't give them notice ( they are 7 and 13). 
I realized that the trip was an absolute must. 
I didn't realize I was creating 2 versions of me? How did I miss that? 
They needed to be shown that we can just up and decide to take a trip... Spontaneity is good once and a awhile. 
So we made a long distance road trip and it was awesome. 
Just what we needed. 
I hope you spent your weekend doing what you love! 

Anyhow,the winner of the little market giveaway is
I will be emailing you today for your Info. 
Thanks for all the thoughts on the low volume trend.