Thursday, May 27, 2010

mini mushrooms and the crafty planet

Check out Annik's new blog Mini Mushrooms 
I met Annik at quilt market. She, her fairy godmother and I became real fast friends....and we can't forget Cara either. The 4 of us (plus Gwen) spent some quality time at the Crafty Planet during market. 
Here's one of there walls of beauty...

I am sooo jealous that I can't just hop in my car and go to the Crafty Planet!!!!!
You 3 know what I mean :)
Anyhow, head over and meet Annik and won't be sorry that you did.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Losing Steam....sort of.

Day 2 of market we walked the length of it atleast 6 times. How exhausting and thrilling at the same time.
There's Riley Blake's booth.
Absolutely stunning fabrics. I. am. in. love.

Another super cute pic of a little 'crany' they created with Felicity.
and trims from Riley Blake.

Plus a their version of "country"....
This is Kathy of Teachers Pet and her new book Take 5. She is adorable. Wished I had more time to chat with her but looks like it will have to be on twitter instead of in person.

Another group pic of me, Kimberly and Stephanie of Little Lady Patchwork.
Ooooh Cloud 9 booth. I want a bit of all of it....someday.
And Anna Maria Horner's booth. A-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y beautiful.
LOVE the Voile...but you already know that.
Word on the street is that there are other companies that will be producing some Voile for the new addicts like myself.

Oh I had to sneak cake into the blog...'cause it's pretty.
Here's some goodies from Kokka...yeah that's Heather Ross.
And Echino....drool.
And finally....CHERRY HOUSE....we finally met. I was so happy to meet her. Market is like an arena filled with all my favorite quilting rock stars.  It makes it totally worth it.
I have a class a this morning...then I have to figure out how on earth I am going to get my fabric home from sample spree....tough tough job, but a happy one.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sew What?

I'm up super early today, even though yesterday was a whirlwind. There are sooo many booths. So many people to reconnect with. One of my favorite little displays was at United Notions. Sew What.
There were little shoes (someones' pattern...but not sure who sorry)
More super cute baby patterns done in Dream On by Urban Chiks.

I loved Oliver and S's cute.
Another random booth.
While in Moda land...I ran into Stephanie of Little Lady Patchwork and Kelly of  Cotton Charm Quilts.
I am so happy to have met them. I met John aka Quilt Dad at the Moda dinner! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Stephanie and Kelly at the Moda dinner..I so hope I see them again today.
Recognize these? Yep Miss Rosie's Schnibbles quilts.
She had some awesome looking quilts. She amazes me.
And she is super sweet.
Here we are...Carrie and I.

Okay I'm to get ready for the day.  Today is wandering around visiting booths again.
I'll be trying to take pictures...and all that.... so I have more to show you :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

First Day at Quilt Market

I met Darlene Zimmerman....
Darlene has been a huge influence to me in the years that I have quilted.
She sat with my friend Carol and I to get a quick bite before sample spree.
What a sweet lady to talk to. I feel completely lucky and blessed to spend time with her and hang out at quilt market.
I met up with many other bloggers and designers.  I asked a gal in front of me at the Lucien booth to hand me a Flour Sugar was Carrie Nelson! yep Schnibbles "Carrie".
Btw she graciously handed me the bundles I 'needed' LOL.
I could go on and on as to all the awesome people I met last night, Pam Kitty Morning, Monica aka Happy Zombie, Brenda Riddle, Anne Sutton and on and on.
You can see the Sample Spree lines in the background....It was insane. I was lucky enough to get some GREAT Moda, Kauffman, Henry Glass and Lucien  fabrics. Not to mention patterns and books. It was a blast.
I hope to be able to post more tomorrow

Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 6 etc..

Hi all, I finished block 6 of the Jelly Roll Quilt Along but I didn't get it posted to my blog. Nanette's block was super easy. Well now that I think about it, they all were so far :) even the one I sort of inadvertantly changed. LOL
 Since, yesterday was filled with travel to Minneapolis Spring Quilt Market I didn't really get online. We made it just fine. I met a gal on our flight that was a buyer for a chain craft company. Talking with her made the time just fly by.
Hi Lori!! If you are reading this ;)
I chatted with some pretty awesome quilters and bloggers too. I hope to get more pictures today!

My first 6 blocks. I am loving them.

The picture below is a doll quilt top I am working on. It's made with scraps from another quilt that is in progress. I guess the small size of the project is what catapulted it to the front of the sewing pile.  I'm not sure how the border it yet. Eventually. it will hit me or something LOL.
Alrighty, off to get ready for the first market day.

SMS Giveaway day winner!

309 Wowsa....that's a lot of comments to read. Thanks for all the love of the scarf. Now I wish I had more than one to giveaway. 
Darn I don't.
So the winner is: #240 Megan of The Schachts!!!
Love this! I'm totally going back right now to read your blog. I just saw so many things that caught my eye! You're so talented!
Thanks Megan for your kind words.
Send me your email and I will send your scarf ASAP.

p.s. I am getting awefully close to 400 maybe I should or could do a giveaway once I reach 400?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

500th Post Giveaway

It's my 500th post. AND Sew Mama Sew is sponsoring a giveaway day! What better time to have one ;)
 Many things have been happening behind the scenes at Spun Sugar Quilts.
One of which is Voile.
Lots of Voile by Anna Maria Horner.
 I can't exactly say why because it involves some pretty important people in my life.
But I can show this:

a Voile scarf that I made with Twin Fibers tutorial.
It was super simple.
So if you'd like to win your own Voile scarf made by Moi then enter the giveaway.
You have 4 chances to win.
1. Become a follower on Twitter {and leave a separate comment} or tell me you already are!
2. leave me a comment on well....anything really. I read them all. I may not have time to respond since it's market time...but I read them all.
3. Become a follower of my blog or leave me a comment saying you do.....IF you do haha.
4. Spread the word about my giveaway on your blog and leave me the link in your comment..I will check it :)
Thanks for helping celebrate Giveaway Day sponsored by Sew Mama Sew!
I will chose a winner on the 21st {due to market}...
I look forward to reading your comments while I am hanging out in MN.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebration Skinny

I had a few scraps lying around (okay I have literally tons of scraps!)
I decided to make a skinny with Celebration by Sandy Gervais.  I quilted this one myself as well.
Still practicing my meandering and free motion.
I'm totally in love with this fabric line and buy it whenever I find it!
 But it's a couple years old and somewhat hard to find.
Anyone know a quilt shop that still has Celebration?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Random number generator picked #77!
Michelle said...
"Fantastic News, congrats...I'm running out tonight to buy it!"
Well Michelle...I hope you didn't buy it yet cause you just won a copy!!!
I just emailed you ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Happy" Market Bag

I have to get this off my chest. I splurged. I don't usually buy 3 magazines at once. I did this weekend. It was Mother's Day Weekend! That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.
Anyhow, I picked up these 3 and so glad I did. Stitch is out of this world and Quilts and More...well it goes without saying how great they are.
 I spent quite a bit of time Saturday oohing and ahhing projects in these magazines.
On top of my heavy reading I did get in some sewing.
A "happy" bag using the Grids and Grommets pattern by Indygo Junction.
I machine quilted the fabric myself ---- yep you read that right. I DID it! Yeah...feeling more and more willing to quilt my own things.
Anyhow, I had some bumps in the road making this. apparently it called for 1/2 inch seams....since when? I am a QUILTER and I only use 1/4 inch seams.....well the bag still turned out but not the exact size originally intended.
But it's still functional and cute.
I love the white grommets...
I also got even more adventurous and made a wonder wallet with some scraps I had left.
I also had some trouble with sewing it. Maybe it was just me this weekend.

It fits perfectly inside the bag!
I think it will be a perfect combo for a Spring Quilt Market bag!
 I'm getting excited for market. I keep seeing sneeks here and there in blog land.
If you are going to market, email me....I'd love to meet you :)