Friday, March 27, 2009

A thank you...

I just wanted to show off my gorgeous bag that I won from Meg @ boutique Nutmeg Designs .....check out her blog!! She's very talented. Thank you Meg!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Quilting Day!!!

I celebrated here in Vegas Yeh! I don't have my Nikon D80 here so the picture quality is a bit low...but I just couldn't wait to show my fabric haul. I went to Henderson to Quiltique. I found some great fabric there and the staff was awesome and friendly!
As it turns out I went to 3 quilt shops yesterday. First on my list was the Christmas Goose. They had tons of charm packs, honey buns, cupcakes...Moda patterns and wool galore. One problem...they were not friendly at all. They were in their own little world. Once I did decide to buy 1 charm pack and 1 yard of fabric, the gal met me at the cash register, she started to enter my purchase and mid-way turned around to speak to another employee. I stood there waiting for them to finish their conversation and then as if she'd forgotten what she was doing she turned around with a look like "oh you're still here.." totally rude in my opinion. I could have easily spent $$$ there...but I was disgusted by the 'feel' of the if me being there was an inconvience.

So I thought I'd head to Nancy's. That's quite a ways out in terms of driving in Vegas. I did not buy anything there. No one said hello to me while I was in the store or asked if I needed's as if I wasn't there. It was strange. So I checked my face in the car and my clothes. I was wearing black pants, pink top...clean, no food in my teeth....I look normal. So the only reason I could come up with is that they didn't need my I didn't buy anything there.
I made a stop at Micheals (we no longer have one near us) and Jo-Ann's...but left empty handed. Total bummer...until I stopped at Borders books. Gracie wanted a Petal Fairy book.
So I'd say overall I found some good things, with a few 'bummers' in between. Here are some pics of my loot. I plan on making some really cool things for MODA bakeshop tutorials...I've got to get sewing!!!.
Wow...Fresh is so beautiful...I didn't grasp it looking online...when I saw it in the Fabric Boutique...I HAD to have it.

Both gals at the Fabric Boutique were friendly but didn't hover....they had sales! yes 20% off anything with red in it...that certainly helps. There was a different feel to this shop. So I bought a few things, Thangles for my MIL, a few yards of Oh Cherry Oh!, Fresh! and Patisserie. I behaved kind of.

Like I said, I've got an aweful lot of sewing to do! oh I am sooo excited. I have a million ideas ....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charming Twins....

Please check out my newest 'recipe' on Moda Bakeshop. These are simple little quilted pincushions from just a few charm squares!
I am off to Vegas for the weekend... not sure I will have time to post. I am hoping to get to a quilt shop or 2 while I am there...we'll see...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Happy Birthday....

Here she is...8 years old already.... And yep we have 2 March I am REALLY done eating cake for awhile...but please pass the chocolate! LOL

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday....

Ok this picture has nothing to do with the birthday but I DID have a great/wonderful mail day today. Terri from Atkinson's Designs sent me her newest book on Fat Quarter Fonts. I won her cool giveaway a little over a month ago and the book is finally available. It even comes with a CD to print on to fusible cool. Also...I received a VERY generous box from Lissa of Moda Lissa....a thank you for my participation on Moda Bakeshop. I was Floored. I had no idea she would send me anything...I mean I don't expect anything...and then for it to the most awesome stuff a quilter could ask for...just WOW! See that little Moda Bakeshop rectangle at the left corner? well inside is a set of desert recipe cards that coordinates with fabric lines. It is simply the best marketing stuff I have ever seen.

Now the Birthday....My Lil officially 2 today....She was having trouble blowing the she had some volunteers help her out.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shall we call this binding Saturday?

I finished another WiP quilt top. It's not quite ready to be quilted as I am waiting for the backing fabric to arrive from . I had trouble getting the quilt to look smooth however, I don't think the borders are wonky...everything measured correctly. I think it's my design wall with such a big quilt on it..the pins weren't quite doing the job. I have spent the rest of my sewing time on bindings. It wasn't fun...I sewed 8 bindings to quilts today. 8!!! Now I get to turn and hand stitch them to the back. Eventually they will all be done. It seems this year is going to be a good year for 'finishing' for me.

Friday, March 06, 2009

TGIF sort of....

Ok I am soooo happy it is day off..sort of.....Hubby and I were suppose to head out shopping this morning but the littlest of the small ones woke up very sick and a fever. So instead I went to the pediatrician. That was a total waste of time. Apparently she has a virus. They can't give her anything for that. So she suffers....and it's draining to watch a sick child. I just hope she's better soon. I have been continuing to sew through the week. As you know I like to sew on multiple projects at once. This quilt is one such WISP. It is modeled from a quilt in the Jelly Quilts book. I had enough fabric in my Bali Pop to make an entire extra row. Now that I have the center finished....I think I am going to add a border.
I also posted another tutorial on Moda Bakeshop. Check it out here. This was actually the first project I made from my honey bun.....but I needed to finish the binding! Hey I was sidetracked by Vanessa's rag rug... which I am still working on....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Applique Butterflies...

I have been working on WISP's and one is this 1930's butterfly applique quilt. I don't have a pattern for setting the blocks. I have asked friends for advise and now I am asking all of you that read my blog. What might you do with them?
Would you set them on point? or straight as shown? what color would you border with? etc. Any advice would be great!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm obsessed...

With braiding....fabric rag rugs....and braiding...more and more fabric....25 yards to be exact...this is my 'ball'. It is the size of a medicine ball according to my husband. I rolled it up to keep the fabric from tangling while I sew the rug together. If I estimated correctly, it will be nearly a 50 inch rug! I used only 1930's scraps. I didn't put a dent in my 1 1/2 inch scrap box. This rag rug was a tutorial on Moda Bakeshop. I just love it so far. The only other item I finished this weekend was the Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery BOM #9.
With 9 blocks I should be able to start the finishing kit..yeah right.
I did get 3 quilts back from my local quilter. He's had them for 2 months...I was beginning to wonder...but he's like that...all of a sudden he finishes a bunch. I am not sure when I will get those posted. This week could prove to be quite busy at work.