Sunday, December 13, 2015

Great Granny Twist Blog Tour - Twisted Great Granny Pouch

I have had the Great Granny Squared book by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet since it was released. 
Super cute quilts,projects and fabrics that I can never resist thumbing through.
When fat quarter shop challenged a group of bloggers to make a block with a twist....
many ideas started flowing for me.

I began with the new Sweetwater Valentine inspired line called First Crush.

In order to make a pouch, you need the book for cutting measurements.
I chose 5 fabrics and cut out a block using 1.5" strips. 
In order for a pouch to be made from a block, 
I modified the "letter F" dimensions in the pattern 
to the following: 2- 3.5" x 1.5" strips background
                       2- 1.5" x 2" strips of background
The rest of the measurements were the same as a 1.5" great granny block.
It measures about 9 1/4" square when sewn.

Once the block was sewn,
I layered it with 10" backing and batting just as I would for a little quilt.
I quilted it with cross hatch straight lines using coordinating Aurifil thread.

Next, square up the quilted block, I tried to make sure
 there was an inch of background fabric all the way around the block.
It measures about 7" square.
Remember this number can vary with the amount of quilting that is done.

I cut out a 3/4" square from 2 sides of the block... opposite sides. 
I chose a zipper that was about 14" because I wanted red for this bag.
The picture makes it look off but the zipper is connected on one end. 
I sewed the zipper to each 'long' side of the pouch. Turned it to the right side and top stitched the zipper in place.
Actually using such a long zipper allowed me working room for sewing it on.

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of these steps. 
Next, match the sides of the bag - right sides together and pin from the zipper to the cut out out square area. 
Sew this seam carefully. 
Then pinch open the 'square' bottom and fold it flat. 
Sew a 1/4" seam across. This creates the 'box' bottom of the pouch.
Repeat for the other side BUT make sure your zipper is open half way.
Turn your bag right side out.

I loved this little pouch so much that I went on to make pouches
with 2" strips and 2 1/2" strips.

This grey pouch used 2" strips and a mix of fabric from my etsy shop.

The quilted block was trimmed to 9 1/2" and 
a 1" square was cut from the sides of the pouch to 'box' it.

Here is a large pouch done with Hello Darling mini charm squares.

I auditioned the look of this bag by folding the block in half before I quilted.

You can see the quilting is pretty basic - just straight lines.

This quilted block squared up to 12 1/2".

3 pouches....
perfect for gifts this season

Now as you know the Fat Quarter Shop is hosting this twisted tour 
and they kicked it off with their twist called the Great Granny Circle.
Here is the video on you tube for it.
Super cool idea....wished I'd thought of it!!

I hope that I have inspired you to make a bag or pouch from one of your granny square blocks!
Here is the list of other bloggers that had Twisted fun with their Great Granny blocks.
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Again, I sincerely hope you enjoy the twisted blog tour.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Big Clearance sale on Etsy

Just wanted to pass on that I am having a HUGE sale on my etsy site
All clearance is 50% off.

$3-8 a yard depending on the manufacturer -
Moda $3-6 and Japanese Yuwa is $8 a yard.

There are over 80 fabrics on clearance. 
I have up to 30% off nearly everything else.
I will be increasing the discount as it gets closer to the end of the year. 

I am trying to scale back my shop significantly in preparation 
for eventually going back to work outside the home.
I am not closing...just scaling back the inventory so it is more manageable.

No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt - Free Pattern and blog hop

As you might know, the Fat Quarter Shop has been creating 
You-tube videos for a couple of years now.
I have, in fact, made several of the quilts and projects. 
One of my favorite pre cut fabrics to use is the Jolly Bar. 
A Jolly Bar is a 5" x 10" cut only available at the Fat Quarter Shop.
It's basically half of a layer cake. 
Sometimes I just want to sit and sew - having a cut like this provides variety to the projects that make without doing all the cutting ahead of time.
It's a win win for me. 
I have talked about my mother in law on my blog in the past. 
I pretty much got her in to quilting when I joined the family.
As time has marched on, 
she has developed some arthritis
 and cutting fabric is difficult for her sometimes - okay all the time. 
She asks me to cut quilts for her to sew and there are times
 when a precut fabric is a huge time saver for me. 
I have a lot less to cut.

I chose Holly's Tree Farm by Sweetwater fabrics
 because this project was so close to Christmas and I really wanted another Christmasy quilt.
I am in LOVE with the red ford pickups with a tree in the bed. 
Someday I hope to find a vintage one but for now my Target version will have to do ;)
thank goodness for Target decor.
Back to the quilt....
The free pattern from the Fat Quarter shop can be found HERE.

Here is the video the Fat Quarter Shop made about this pattern.

Here is my quilt top. Yep quilt top.
I always have great intentions to make, quilt and bind before a holiday but rarely finish.
I have a 100 excuses and really it's okay.
 I will finish it because I love this quilt and fabric.
It will probably be done by next Christmas - LOL.

There are several other bloggers that have made a No Bake Jolly Bar Quilt this season too...
Check them out - I know I am going to because I'd like to see a finished quilt ;)

Heather and Megan of Quilt Story
Denise of Pieced Barn