Wednesday, October 31, 2007


To be truthful I hadn't planned on stopping at Quiltique. I didn't have a coupon and I had already been to 2 quiltshops yesterday. I was feeling curious/or fabric greed....not sure, it was one of the 2! So I jumped in the rental car and off to Henderson I went. 15 minutes later and I was there. Here was my view near Quiltique. A Walmart neighborhood market! I have never seen one of these before. Where I live, it is Super Walmart -- ONLY. So I HAD to snap a pic to prove they exist. Trully NOT that fascinating....except to me LOL. Anyhow, let's get to the wonderful things I found at the shop..........It's Katie Jump Rope. I have been pining for this fabric at fatquartershop online. I thought I would hold out until I was back from Vegas before I bought it and low and behold.......they had it!!! Well, most of it...I haven't checked if there are any piecing in the line missing. Still it is beautiful happy fabric. And this most treasured find at Quiltique. It is an Animas quilt called Harmony. I think In the Beginning Fabric line....not sure on that. All I know is that it was coming home with me. I just LOVE it... LOVE it....I am drooling looking at my pictures....I love it that much.

Anyhow, I found a few other odds and ends batiks for a gift. And I snapped a shot of my bag..... It's a shopping bag for heaven sakes but it's so pretty.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More on day 2

Husband and I did a lot of walking and gaming and shopping. He snapped this pic of the Monster Poker Chip set and me. Yep that's me. He was fascinated by it. I think we stopped 3 times to look! The chips are about 5 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick.

Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Vegas 1 day!!!!!!!! woohooo JACKPOT!!

My first stop was Nancy's Quilt Shop, it is featured as a top 10 quilt shop in Quilt Sampler Magazine. This shop puts any quilter on a 'fabric' high. I was overwhelmed when I walked in. Which area do I start with? There were thousands of bolts.
This picture didn't turn out the great, it was near the 30's fabrics, my personal favorites. I need to learn to make better pics! I am putting it on my to do list.
This shows more of the samples and yarn. Oh did mention they had yarn? Well I did pick up a new (to me) color of KPPM....that's Koigu for those that aren't knitters! haha.
I am actually composing this at 2am by the way. My husband is snoring so loud that there is no chance I will sleep until he's awake! That is the only problem with vacations...where do I escape to? get another room?? Anyhow, from Nancy's I traveled on to here.

Again the 30's fabrics! funny thing is, is that I didn't buy any. I bet you'd like to see what I bought! Yikes I could take the real morning, or wait until I get back home. Hmmm we'll see.Again I was faced with so many choices of fabric. I found some great patterns here and a new fabric line that was just unpacked. Today I am heading to the Christmas Goose and maybe another like Quiltique. Depends on traffic and my mood. Mood? about shopping for fabric? By the way, my husband said I could buy whatever I could fit in my suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep for my birthday! I thought about this and realized that I have to drag the suitcase to the airport....and do I want to do this loaded with fabric? yes and no. So I think I am going to and buying what I want there....having it shipped!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've discovered Table Runners......

I'm a quilter and a knitter and generally a crafter of all sorts, scrapbooking, stamping, card making, crocheting and on and on. With all my crafting I seem to find that one project that I want to do a version of...over and over again. In knitting, it was first baby hats, then dishclothes and of course multiple other projects and too many UFO's to name. Quilting is a bit the same. I have made miniature quilts, small quilts, applique, english paper piecing, pincushions. Oh goodness! I just remembered my wool...rug hooking...countless projects and wool. Anyhow, I degress, I meant to talk about table runners. It's my new thing. I have made 2 tops today in fact, one is layered for machine quilting already. And I made a table runner few months ago and it's ready for hand stitching the binding. I am stuck on these super cool, easy patterns "Tiny Ones" by Pieced Tree Patterns. Chances are I could have easily made one of these little buggers without a pattern.
I mean I HAVE been sewing for years and years, but right now in my life simple is best. Simply easier to let someone else write the pattern. And I am trully pleased with the results.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Chocolate Swap

I'm in and waiting for my partner to be named. Sharon at the Red Geranium Cottage is hosting her first swap! I have just the chocolate in mind just to get a box and card together.

Heading to Vegas Baby YEAH!!!!!!!

Well we are off to Vegas and to celebrate my birthday. Halloween is always my favorite holiday because it's so close to my birthday. I'm not sure how many people actually visit my blog but I think now would an awesome time for a giveaway. I mean IF I am getting lucky at the slots in Vegas why shouldn't all of you have a chance to be lucky too!!! I have been cleaning out my satsh and ran across some 3.5 and 4 inch charms that I use to sell on ebay. This was LONG before Moda had charm pack or jelly rolls!
So leave a comment on my blog before November 3rd and enter to win one of these lovely 1930's reproduction charm packs! I will be drawing 2 names after I return.

It's coming along...

Look at all these yummy fabrics. Actually I can finally see them! I will have to say that folding and organizing my fabric this way is awesome. I didn't know what I was missing. I also want to give some credit here. I initially became inspired to do this from Happy Zombie's blog. Her dear friend Karen of Anna Lena's Quilt Shop, has wonderful 30's fabrics, which I absolutely LOVE. I have over 1500...probably not even close to Karen's collection! Anyhow...Thanks to Monica!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting there...and our little Calves Cheerleader

Well my quilting space is coming along nicely. My mother in law helped me start to fold my fabric. I need to take more pictures as I fold. It is absolutely amazing how much space I am saving by folding with the 8.5 X 24 ruler. I love it! I am doing my fat quarters with a 4 X 14 inch ruler as well. I can't wait to show it off when I am done organizing.
And here is our new Cleveland Cavalier cheerleader. She was so excited at the Calves game because of the cheerleaders. She did her own routine in the Court Club!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What I need to organize and sort UGH!

Yeah it's that bad...and yeah I have A LOT of fabric! Let me clarify...not all the items in the 'blue' room are quilting or crafting related...just 90%. Now how am I going to fit all that fabric in my storage cabinets? I think I will need more....or perhaps purge some things. I have been sorting quilting magazines for the very purpose of purging. Make room for new ones!

I should be working on my 'quilt loft' right now...... I think these pictures just guilted me into it!