Monday, July 15, 2019

Knock, knock...anyone there?

Whew! I can not believe it has been 8 months since my last post. Time flies incredibly fast these days. So much has happened - good and bad in the last 8 months.
I still have my etsy shop stocked with many precuts and A LOT of destash. I have so much more to list. I am slowly sorting through my fabric. I know there is some I will never use and I need to reduce...just to fit in my space. 

To make matters more complicated, I have picked up cross stitching again. 
I learned in 7th grade - so just last year, LOL just kidding. 
It's been about 30 years ago.
 I found that I saved my first project and some that I had never finished.
Fast forward to today....yes I have the cross stitch bug right now. 
I am cross stitching like it's my job ;) (#pcstitching)

This month there is a stitch a long for Jolly July. 
Each day you start a new cross stitch ornament. It can be Christmas, Holiday, Halloween or whatever ornament you'd like. The goal is to start and finish as many as you can or want and have a head start on Holiday making. I have started 12 in 15 days. I took a couple of days off. 

I have finished stitching 4 of those. 
I have not made them into ornaments yet. I am enjoying the stitching and getting side tracked with new patterns after I see what everyone else stitches and what their color choices were.

 There is a ton of inspiration on Instagram #FQSjollyjuly

  Here are my first starts. 
I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have a HUGE local needlework shop within a 15 min drive from my house. Many do not have that luxury.

He's a Flake.... Little House Needleworks

Jingle from Christmas Cheer by Heart in Hand.

I have included links to different cross stitching sellers. I have no affiliation with them. I just want readers to find the pattern if they are interested. :)
oh and yes I am still sewing and quilting. I have more to share on that. 
If you follow my Instagram VickieSpunsugarquilts 
you can see more up to date pictures of my adventures.
So possibly more tomorrow if I have time.
Thanks for reading,