Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little by Little

I sort of finished a few more things from my sewing table...The 7th block from the FQ shop's Mystery BOM......and I just received the 8th block on Friday so I am still not caught up! Sheesh... I also finished the 2nd quilt top from the Baby Fats book. Yet another top to be quilted. I did sew a binding by machine onto a quilted table runner....I still have to hand sew to the back so it's not done yet. I'm just plugging away at my WIP's little by little....

Friday, January 23, 2009

2 quick items..

As soon as I spotted the Tablerunner on Moda's Bakeshop blog by Camille I had to make one...I happened to have 1 charm pack of Recipe for Friendship and so I laid it out. And I just finished piecing the top tonight. It's now on the to be quilted list.....

I also finished block #6 of the Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. I started #7 and just received #8 in the mail today so I need to get going on these.
I have some 'other' fun stuff in the works between everything else.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm a Bag Lady....

I was sooooo excited yesterday when I walked out to the mail box to find this inside. It was 8* outside...and felt like -10* so it was a cold walk....but soo worth it. I was the lucky lucky winner of Minick and Simpson's latest Bag Lady giveaway. Not only did I receive this cool re-useable grocery bag...but it was stuffed with a pattern, fat quarters and a charm pack of Flag Day Farm...ah therapy in a bag.......

I rarely hold my attention on one project for very last night I found myself into another new project...but hey I finished 2 WIPs this month so I am allowed! I pulled out my Love is in the Air jelly roll and started the Love and Kisses from the new book Strip-Frenzy by Suzanne McNeill. I hope to have pictures as this progresses in the coming days.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another one down

I posted this quilt back in August 2008...I had it machine quilted by a gentleman that can do all over quilting. He's done about 13 quilts for me. Anyhow, I finished hand stitching the binding last one more WIP done for the challenge!!! to a good start for's already half over LOL..I better get stitchin'

Friday, January 16, 2009

And the winners are......

Sorry I am kinda late on this...I spent the evening cleaning out both our freezers to make room for a 1/4 cow we are getting today. Anyhow...about the winners....I still don't have all the items collected but I will by the end of the day. DD1 and DD2 took turns picking names this morning....yes they were up at 7:30AM!!
The Winners...
1.Tonje Norway A step in the Right Direction
2.Jen Punkiepie
3.Sew Create it Jane
4.Laurie in Maine Socks have NO thumbs
5.Rachel Griffith p.s. I quilt
6.Dandelion Quilts
7. Little Girl Quilts

Ladies...I will be trying to email each of you and if you haven't received an email from me today...PLEASE email me in case I somehow didn't use the correct addy. I am human LOL but I don't want you to miss out either.

Check this giveaway out.....

You might want to check this out.....Jillian of See Jane run, Go Jane go is having a giveaway and a sale! I love a sale and so I thought I would pass it on to you...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

um Moda Bake Shop???

Why wasn't I told?
You MUST go here and have a look.....awesome and fun it already.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy

Remember the tutorial I did a few weeks ago? and the pink version is HERE. I had cut 4 baby quilts from a stack of 24 Lakehouse Oh Boy Oh Boy fat quarters...I finished the first top today.I did get some sewing in woohoo!!Actually today was a very productive day on the home front, not just many things to be thankful for~

Recycled shoe bag

I finished one WIP!! woohoo....I made a shoe bag from an old pair of my pajamas. They had worn thin and so I cut off the legs and down the center front. I saved the tie at the top to tie the bag closed. I have one more to sew today IF I get to sew. I finished putting the border on my Sweet Simplicity quilt which you may remember from this post. I hope I can send it to be quilted. I just want to get some WIPs out of my sewing room so I can see what WIPs I have left...although it's likely 50! So here's the before shot.....

And after DD2 jumped up.....

I had to re-iron the whole top after that...but aren't her feet cute...I just can't get mad at her. In fact she liked the top so much...I think one will be hers.

I finished this top months ago. Not sure if I posted a picture or not...but I am hoping to send it to the quilter as well. It's a Cottonway pattern of the month. For me the fabric does it. I love Bleeker Street by Marcus Brothers.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's finished anyhow?

I mean this monthly challenge is to finish the whole item??? Does just the quilt top count? do I have to quilt and bind it first? what about a label? I want to count this quilt top.....I'll have to check IF it's legal LOL
I finished this quilt top on Sunday but I didn't have time to post this picture until now. I can't wait to get this one quilted but I got another I want to send ahead of it. I used a layer cake of Urban Couture. I was able to pick up the borders at my LQS (practically unheard of for me).

This is the next quilt I will get custom quilted. I have had it for 5 years... While I was piecing it my Mother in-law wanted to make one. Once her blocks were pieced, she wanted to quilt it. Somehow, I ended up quilting it and she put the binding on. After that, I didn't have the motivation to quilt MY quilt. The pattern is French Rose by Cabbage Rose from the book Threads of Time. I decided I am going to have Jackie do this one for me. By the way she's having a giveaway on her blog so check it out!.
Please check out my latest update of my Whirl in Winter Giveaway HERE.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Goals....

I have been reading several blogs and bloggers' goals for the new year. Last year my resolution was to not make any resolutions...because we tend to set lofty resolutions and not reach them. Last year had its ups and downs but overall it was a great year. Anyhow, I have been pinning and pinning and pinning my several WIPs and that has given me time to think about IF I will make any goals for this year. I think I already have without really 'saying' them.

First: We'd like to sell our house....we thought we had it sold but the person backed out. It was devastating...but all things happen for a reason, I HAVE to believe that.
Second: I want to be more organized throughout my home. With 2 kids things get cluttered and I really dislike that 'look' around my house.
Third: I'd like to keep in touch with my family more and see them more often, they all live atleast 9 hours drive away.
Fourth: I'd like to finish more of my works in progress. I have been working on them in the last 2 weeks pretty heavily. I work differently than some, I like to have at least 5 or more projects at my sewing table at once. I get more done that's efficient for me.
Fifth: I'd like to use more of my fabric. So many quilters call this stash. I think that has almost a negative connotation for me. IF I buy fabric, I'd rather feel good about it. So I am not calling it my stash. I consider ALL of the fabric WIPs....they are all part of a work in progress so I guess it's really part of #4 goal. LOL

There are many more things I'd like to do this year...however, these are top of the list.
Since I wrote this yesterday....I have organized both daughters clothing and removed the small sizes to be sent to Goodwill. That was a BIG item off my list. Plus I finished piecing this quilt....I know not that complicated of a pattern but this fabric is too busy for complicated. I like each fabric individually. It's quite trendy and I know exactly who I will give it to. So I just need to get quilting it...whew...lofty goals...LOL

Friday, January 02, 2009

One Project a Month Challenge

May Britt and Kris from Tag Along Teddies are sponsoring a challenge for 2009. The rules seem basic enough. Finish one WIP each month for 12 months. I have been wanting to participate in something like this and I was just thinking of writing a blog post about what I'd like to accomplish this year. I feel like this fits right in to my plan. I have already started a list of WIPs on my side bar and quilts to be quilted. I haven't even scratched the surface with the projects I've got...It would be embarrassing to list them all!! Anyhow, I am off to finish my first WIP for 2009....LOL