Saturday, July 03, 2010

More Easy Flag Quilt

My Patriotic decor has gone mad!  I am lovin' my Go! cutter and thought I would try the 1.5" strip cutter.
I chose {4} 1/3 yard patriotic prints. 2 lights, a red and a blue.
I cut my 3 strip fabrics 10.5" X width of fabric (44 ish).
Centered it and cut....and I didn't press my fabric...but I didn't get any zigzags in my cuts either.

Here are my strips. I have noticed with my Go! that doing a layer or 2 at a time works better than 6. I cut these strips so fast it was literally 1.5 minutes.
A  - 5 red 1.5" X 18.5"
B - 3 white 1.5" X 18.5"
C - 3 white 1.5" X 12.5"
D  -  4 red 1.5" X 12.5"
E  -  1 Blue square 6.5"

Lay your strips out starting with red and ending in red.
You will need 7 red and 6 white.
Make the bottom first, sew strips as follows.
Then sew top strips,
Sew the blue square to the 6." X 12.5" C/D strip set as shown.
Then sew your bottom strip set to the top.
Layer, Quilt and Bind.
I didn't finish quilting mine. I decided to use size 8 pearl cotton and hand quilt this one for a more primitive look. I will post pics as I get more done to show the progress.


Carol said...

Very, very cute!

Karen said...

Love the flag quilt! Perle cotton will be a great touch!

Millie said...

I like to have one of those great cutters too. Love your flag quilt! You can always show us more red, white and blue decorations and quilts.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How cool! I love the fabrics you chose and I think the perle cotton will look great too! Happy stitchin'!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love it! Thanks Vickie@ I wish I had time to make it today!!

Wilma Lee said...

I want a go cutter, lol. Sigh.

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. Inspirational. I want one. Great design, fabrics, colors. Excellent tutorials. What can I say...I love it.


sandra said...

Hi I love your flag quilt. I am a Canadian but today I made an american flag table runner which I will give to one of my American friends. Happy 4th of July

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Love this quilt!!!

Quilted Quickies said...

Love your flag quilt!! Neat project... and don't you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your "Go"?!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Loving that one too!

Teresa Marie said...

Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I have to get me one of these AccuQuilt Go! Cutters. Love your flag quilt!

Yvette said...

Great idea! I must try this.