Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giant Pincushion Sew Along Step 3: Machine piecing

Step 3: Machine Piecing Instructions
*read through all directions first before beginning*

This is the basic layout to begin piecing your pincushion. It is constructed in the same order as the english paper pieced directions. However, this is a bit quicker.

Begin by piecing 2 of the 6-point diamonds together.
Add a third diamond to each pair.
You will have 2 halves.

After machine piecing this pincushion 3 times, I ended up marking my hexagons with a 1/4" dot to indicate where the seam should start and end. It is CRITICAL for success with machine piecing.

Next take 1 hexagon and with right sides together pin on the a diamond.

Please use the original design above as your guide and carefully flip the hexagons in the correct direction.

This is a close up of piecing. I start and stop at the black dots.
Again, to piece the y-seam, I would start and stop at the black dot.  Then I would remove the piece from the machine and pivot the fabric to match the next dot of the y-seam.
Continue sewing and the result is below.
Press seams toward the hexagon.
Sew the center seam of the 6-pointed star.
Continue to add hexagons to your center 'star'
 The result is a 6-pointed star surrounded by hexagons.
Next week I will show you how to add the second 6-point star and complete the pincushion.

A few tips:
1. Don't be alarmed if your star is puckered up a bit.
 This is a pincushion and will be 3-D and with a button in the center...the puff/pucker will disappear.
2. Go slow and make sure you start and stop on the 1/4" dots.
3. It's okay if it's not perfect or you have a 'hole'. Flip the fabric right sides together and take a few more stitches to close the seam. Flip it back, and check, seam closed!

p.s. I made the machine pieced pincushion 3 times. There are pictures from all 3. I will show you "completed" pincushion pictures at the end of this sew along.

Please comment any questions and I will try to answer you ASAP.
Keep in mind I work Monday-Thursday so I sometimes get delayed in responses until Friday!

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