Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giant Pincushion Sew Along Step 3: English Paper Piecing

Step 3: English Paper Piecing Construction

Here are the {6} 6-pointed diamonds layed out to be sewn.

Take 2 and hold them right sides together.

With needle and thread (I used red so you can see my stitch size and amount. You should use a matching thread), begin sewing a whip stitch (overcast stitch) across the side.
To finish off the side, put your needle through as if to make a stitch but do not pull it through.
Wrap the thread 3 times over the needle tip and pull thread through.

This will create a knot.
Trim excess thread.

Here is the first sewn pieces from the front.
And the back.

Continue by adding one more diamond.
It is best to piece 2 sets of 3 diamonds and then sew them together along the long side.
Make 2 of these 6-pointed diamonds.

Here is one of my pieced 6-point diamonds with the hexagons on the design space.

At this point, your other 6-pointed diamond is set aside.
You will continue to sew with a whip stitch the hexagons to the 6-pointed star.
Lay the hexagon on the 6 point diamond right sides together and whip stitch. 
The first pieces will be somewhat stiff since the papers are still in place.
As you stitch to all sides of the 6 point diamond, the paper piece may be removed.
You can see this in the picture below.
By removing the paper you can manipulate the fabric more easily and thus have an easier time sewing.

Here's how I fold to get my hexagons to lay flat to the diamonds while sewing.
Continue to add your hexagons to the diamonds as the first design shows.

Next week I will post adding the second 6-pointed diamond and final assembly.

p.s. I am working on the machine piecing tutorial. I hope to have it up today. Sorry for the delay.


Kate D. Spain said...

you have got some serious patience. looks beautiful. congrats on your placement in Quiltmaker.

Ceamz/Cayleigh said...

love this!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I love how these are turning out!

BTW-Did I miss the Quiltmaker????What??/Congrats!


Sarah Craig said...

Thank you! I can't wait to get to work on mine!!

Cristina said...

This is great, I love paper piecing. I'm going to make one like yours, absolutely. Thanks for the tutorial.

SandyN said...

This is such a cute pincushion. Can't wait to finish it...

Thanks for sharing

Sandy N

Anonymous said...

This is an adorable pincushion! All of my pieces are cut and ready to go. Thank you!~