Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where inspiration leads me....

The title is no small title is it?
Where inspiration leads me.
It's a tale of where do I begin.

Some where along the line I have gotten a glimpse here, a tweet there about Vignette by LeAnne Beasley.
My interest was piqued.
I didn't know exactly what the magazine promised but it looked good on the front cover and many quilters were buying.
Did they know something I didn't?
I HAD to find out.
So I made a mental note that the next 'shop' I saw advertise the Vignette would be where I'd buy it.
That way I wouldn't forget to buy it or later wished I had.
Sharon of Daisy Cottage Quilting did just that.
She posted about having Issue 3 available and I was ready.
I bought Issues 1,2 and 3 **

All I can say is WOW *
This is a MUST.
 Completely beautiful photography,
inspiring recipes {chicken salad we made last week},
and stitchery and quilting patterns.
That brings me to the Vignette Hexagon Quilt.

At first I thought it was pretty...then I paged through the magazine again and thought some more.
and more and more.....

I had to make this quilt.

Well My version of this quilt.
I dug through a bag of hexagons of no particular purpose and began to plan.
I gathered orphan jelly roll strips and charms for the flowers as well.
I broke out my GO! fabric cutter and off I went. I cut hexagons for about an hour.
I have no idea how many I cut. I should I'll quilt instead.
My DD that's 4...she did some of the cutting with the GO! as well.
It excites her to help me sew.
Right about the time that I was cutting hexagons it dawned on me
  I need a special project bag for these hexies.

So I paged through the Fresh Fabric Treats book and found the sewing kit by Kim Walus.
It looked simple.
Then I started to gather the ingrediants.
You know, 9pm at night, stores closed and I didn't plan ahead.....
So vinyl.
Where do I get vinyl for the bag?
I didn't have vinyl but I DID have the packaging of a sheet set.
Okay...I can recycle and I have vinyl *
winner :)))
So I cut the vinyl as best as possible and the one piece actually had a pocket fused to it.
 I think it held the information card for the sheets at one time.
It's hard to get a good picture of the bag.

I used Terrain by Kate Spain, recycled vinyl and a thift store zipper PLUS I have a pocket.
I am very happy how this bag turned out.
The instructions were clear and correct. 
The only problem I had was with the vinyl shifting or slipping between my fabric sandwich.
I ended up basting the vinyl to one strip with 1/8" seam AND then sewing all 3 pieces together with a 1/4" seam. It worked out perfectly well.

You can see how I put the hexagon paper pieces in the pocket.
My game plan is to work on this while I am laid up during my next surgery.
Yes, you read that correctly....I am having surgery #2 already.
So it will be hexies and the Food Network!!


Anonymous said... your zippered bag...and you are ready to go! Thanks for sharing your sources with us. =)

Dandelion Quilts said...

Good idea to recycle that sheet set...I was just wondering where I could get some vinyl around here. LOL. I have a sheet set, too.

Charmaine McLaughlin said...

Well you and your blog were the inspiration for my day today! Just bought some fun colored polkadots and coordinating calico prints and after cruising through your blog I look forward to sewing with these fabrics even more! You always have such bright happy posts! Thanks for the inspiration!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love the little bag! When is your next surgery? Is it on the other leg this time?

Wendyb said...

Love it....your motivation is inspiring!!!! I would have given up! Vignette is a wonderful mag isn't it?? I got 1 and 2 the other day and thumbed through it...but ufo's await first!!!!
Good luck with the surgery! Hope it's not too daunting!
sugary hugs
X Wendy :O)

Kim Walus said...

That turned out so cute! I love the fabric you used and what a great idea to recycle your vinyl. I've bought vinyl at Walmart. It's in the fabric section and is the stuff you use to cover things like tables. It comes in different weights or thickness so you'll have to decide what thickness you want when you're ready to make more of them.

I'm going to link to this post. I hope that's okay.

Thanks Vickie for sharing my project with your readers.

Here's to a quick recovery after your surgery!


quilter000 said...

Wow looks good and I have heard only good things on the Vignette just could not find it locally.
I may stop by to see a copy of it and then be so excited to have to buy them all!! Thanks Patty

Jenniffier said...

Your little zipper baggy.

Margo said...

You will have to check out this new blog if you haven't already. I have been salivating over the posts . . . I will not be able to avoid starting (finishing???) this project. :0)

Thank you for talking "up" the new magazine. I haven't found it locally, and I hated to buy it online sight unseen because it is expensive. After reading your endorsement and others comments I am convinced that I had better buy one.

Your hexagon project bag is adorable.

thanks for your post