Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discovering Liz Scott & Giveaway

Victoria Paige.

Yep I have discovered Liz and Riley :)

She is one of Moda's newest designers. 
 Her first line called Sugar Pop doesn't disappoint.
  It's bold and bright with a 70's feel.

Once Sugar Pop was available I had to get a charm pack for this little quilt.

The pattern I used for this top is called Posey Time
 by Bunnyhill designs {psst it's on sale!}.

Since I was so smitten with Sugar Pop, Paper Pie blog {Liz's blog} and Liz, I decided to ask her a few questions about her designing and what the future holds.
Several charming emails later, we had a plan worked out. I would interview her AND she would provide a pack of 8 fat quarters for one of my lucky readers.
She's THAT cool.

Here's what Liz had to share with me.

Me: How did you get involved with fabric design and how long have you been designing?

Liz:  I am a graphic designer by trade, but have always been a crafter and a maker of things as well. Add fabric addict to the list and now you see where I'm heading. A few years ago I began using to print some of my designs and I absolutely fell in love! The service allowed me to upload my designs and have them printed on fabric and mailed back to me. I designed print after print and began selling them in my WonderFluff shop at Etsy. I have been designing professionally for 10 years or so and I have been doing textile and surface design for the past 2 years.
Me:  Where did you draw your inspiration for Sugar Pop?

Liz: I love big, bright florals and 70s style. I also love nature and these are the things I was thinking about when designing the actual prints. The colors, however, were inspired by all things sweet! My love of chocolate is there, as well as the vibrant candy coated hues that you might see in the ice cream parlor and even the bakery.

Me: Is Sugar Pop your first licensed design?

Liz: Sugar Pop is my first licensed fabric design collection, but I am also a freelance graphic and surface designer. I do all sorts of different projects from bedding to stationery.
Me: Can you reveal if you have another fabric line coming?
Liz: Yes I can, and yes I do! I am super excited for this one to be announced in July and to be in stores this coming winter.

Me: Are you a quilter?
Liz: I am a very beginner, newbie quilter. I love quilting and fell in love with quilts in general on m many trips to the flea market and thrift stores. I love the work and the craftsmanship that goes into each quilt, not to mention the love that is so apparent with every little stitch. I work on my Sugar Pop quilt little by little, I savor and enjoy every minute I get to spend with it and focus more on the process of quilting than the actual end product.

If you'd like to be entered for the giveaway of 8 fat quarters of Sugar Pop by Liz Scott. 
 Here's all you have to do:
What is is your favorite city, whether you've been there or not,
either real or imagined, and why?

Liz shared that her favorite city is Portland, Oregon because the nature is abundant, the people are smiley, and there is a lot of creativity happening.
My favorite city is Paris France. I have never been there but it is the first place I want to visit in Europe. I have heard so many wonderful things about Paris.

Tell us your favorite city and why in the comments and win!
I'll randomly select a winner on 3/28/11.


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quilter000 said...

well I was not going to enter but the fabrics are very fine! so I have to say my favorite city would be New York City. Have never been there but I think it would be a place to see and do in. always watch the ball drop! Thanks for the opportunity to win some stash!

Heather A said...

I've never been to Paris, either, but I sure want to go. For places I've been, I'll say New York, though I wouldn't wish to live there.

Laura said...

I love Vancouver - the beauty of mountains and ocean, and the vibe!

Anonymous said...

My favourite city is Kihei on the Island of Maui. We lived on Maui for four years and we'd move back in a heartbeat!

tpott said...

Hi, I guess my favorite city would be New York City. I was born in Brookyn New York. My family moved to Long Island New York when I was 8. But for fun, a show, the Central Park Zoo, all the museums, you can"t beat New York City. Thanks for the great giveaway! ;>

Becky said...

At this very moment, my favorite city is Bolder, Colorado. I love being so near the Rocky Mountains. I loved the quaint shops and restaurants. Loved the many bookstores in town. Thanks for asking this question! It brought back many memories of a wonderful trip to Denver.

Terri. said...

My favorite city is New York, the shows, the museums, you can get anything and everything at any time of the day or night! I love it!

Diane E W said...

Since I am not a world traveler I will have to stay in my comfort zone and said that my favorite city is Nashville TN. Has a lot of entertainment (not all country music), a lot of historical sites, great shopping, something for everyone.

Jeni Key said...

Love the fabric! It really does reminisce of some of the prints in this box of vintage stuff that was passed on to me!

My favorite city of all time is Chicago. It has such a pleasant personality and such great architecture. It's so crazy that as a southerner I want to move there!

Cecilia said...

I think that Rome, Italy would be my favorite city. I've never been there, but I hope to go one day.

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