Monday, March 14, 2011

This is a Blythe / knitting post :)

I wasn't kidding :)

I haven't named the Blythe dolls (yet).
The mushroom girl above is orginally called Groovy Groove. I bought her from an auction on ebay. From the way it looks, ebay dolls are very expensive.  Groovy Groove normally costs 4X what I won her for! I took a risk because the picture wasn't very good on the listing. I am soooo glad I did.
She's perfect.
My girls love her.
We also had Guava arrive from Hong Kong.
She's already stolen Groovy's jacket.

And Mango tried on Groovy's overalls.

I finished the pixie hat I was knitting last week.
It knit up quick since it is so small.

And I started a beanie for Blythe yesterday :) with some scrap yarn.

So that's my first post with the 3 new Blythe dolls. I do not have any new ones coming, I am checking more ebay auctions though. I'd like to adopt a few more 'used' Blythes.   I feel better about the used dolls as the girls can play with them and I don't feel like croaking if they drop it. I have let them play with them as they wish and sooo far they've done okay.
I figure if we are buying dolls....we should get to 'play' with them too.
Once I take it out of the box...they can play.
I have been sewing up a bunch of clothing for them and found some Skipper sized shoes that pretty much fit their feet.  Seems their feet are a bit bigger than a Kelly doll and  a bit smaller than Skipper  :( 
I could buy shoes on ebay?? I decided to hold on buying just yet. I am hoping I can find some cheaper shoe shoe alternatives like Goodwill thrifting!


Amy said...

I love the Blythe dolls. I have one too.I must admit she does not have a quilt yet... what am I thinking?

Hands Sew Full said...

I am not familiar with Blythe dolls but the do look very adorable. I can't imagine making clothes that small though!

Jewel said...

You are making me wnat to get a Blythe again. I have a ton of patterns for them if you ever want to borrow the books let me know. I know of a few shoe and clothes sellers that are inexpensive as well.

Sandy said...

Such cute little dolls...glad you and the girls are having fun! Love the outfits.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What fun! I used to love to play with dolls. The pixie hat is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen these kind of dolls before, so they are called Groovy Groove Dolls; that is cool! Love the outfits on the dolls, did you make them. They are so sweet.also love the knitted had you made! Your little girl has to be loving them! I can't knit I have tried long ago. There are a couple lady in our sewing group that does. They, are planning on teach the girls that want to learn how to