Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stash #6

I love all fabric.
But the truth is, is that I could actually roll around in this fabric line.
I love it THAT much.
If I were a shop owner I do believe I would have ordered a bolt of each for myself.
I don't have the space for 32 bolts of fabric.
I have thought about getting rid of the equivalent of 32 bolts from my stash
{oh come on, that's only 480 yards! I have seen bloggers buy nearly 1000 yards in a year. It adds up. A yard here, a charm pack there, it's easy to do if you have the $$}
Anyhow, I settled for 1/2 yard cuts from the Fat Quarter Shop
 {which I also they didn't pay me to say that.....they never pay me....I give $$ to them...
ugh what's wrong with this picture?}
Anyhow, the fabric has been aging appropriately for about 2 months.
And finally I got the nerve or inspiration to cut it.

 I cut 2.5 inch strips to simulate a jelly roll and began cutting a quilt for my mother in law.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I am actually giving her a kit  made with my favorite (for now) all time fabric.

I also cut some squares from my strips for a small project. IF I begin to sew the project, I will show you.
Let's be honest, I am cutting, then beginning sew to sew a heck of lot more than I am actually finishing this year.
So far.
There are still 9 months left.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Yum! You must love your MIL!

Q said...

I love it too am waiting on delivery of a fat quarter bundle of each of the 35 fabrics! It's being used in a mystery block of the month though - I think you would also love it - check out Leanne's House Blog, the quilt is called Vignette in Stitches

PS I don't think I would give any away :)

A Creative Life said...

Love your fabric stash. Its so vibrant and colourful, would love to see the quilt you make out of this.

Denise in PA said...

That line is fantastic - I'm going to check out FQS! So nice of you to make a kit for your MIL. I take it she quilts? I'd love to have a family member to quilt with o:)

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I am not usually into LINES of fabric, usually just buy what I like, but it looks as if I do like this whole line of fabric, so I just put a fat quarter bundle on my "want" list. It is the only thing on that list right now fabric wise. Thanks for sharing!

Quilty Conscience said...

That is some yummy fabric! I too have done "kits" for family members. And they have made quilts from them (my grand daughter is kinda slacking on hers right now) but so far they have not caught my quilting obsession! Six months ago I started tracking my fabric buys. I found, on an average, I buy 8 yards per month. Until this month, I was using more than that per month. This month tho'? Mmm,,I've bought more than used. I wonder how long it will take to "average" out again? Toni

Sherri said...

I haven't seen this fabric in person, but every time I see it on your blog I start thinking I need some! I just might have to break down and order some!

Megan @ MiaDolceOriginals said...

This fabric collection is so sweet! I don't just want it, I NEED it - lol :)

VickiT said...

Ooooooooh awesome fabrics. I don't blame you for loving them. Love those colors.

While you said there are still 9 months left is it bad that honestly freaked me out a little? Just a LITTLE bit! Didn't we just celebrate New Years? Next week comes the beginning of the fourth month of the year already. WHERE DID THOSE FIRST THREE MONTHS GO???? I swear the way this year is flying by we'll be looking at Labor Day before you know it.

All8 said...

Now that's love.

Leah said...

beautiful fabrics! Nice bright colours...