Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Helpers? or Troublemakers???

Well she's just like her mom...loves fabric, the feel of fabric and throwing it about in hopes of "making" something....
My little helper was caught unfolding a bunch of my stash. Doesn't she know how long it took me to fold that??
And this is my other "helper". We call him Little Guy, but by the pictures you can tell he is FAR from little. In fact he weighs as much as the 11 month old! It's one of those names like the 6 ft. 5" tall heavy guy they call Tiny! LOL
I cleared off my cutting table to actually cut something and the darn cat...thought I'd cleared a spot for him!


Unknown said...

How funny! And oh so cute and typical!

Kim said...

This is very sweet. He is a ringer for my cat Simon. LOVE the orange tabby, they are the most affectionate "little" guys!

I would love to pull out a few selections from that beautifully arranged fabric storage of yours, too! Nice.