Saturday, March 08, 2008

Little Progress

00I haven't been too productive this week. I did get 2 bindings machine sewn on, now I have to hand sew them.

I DID grab the new Quilt and More...yes I'd like to make about 25 of the projects...Why do I have to work? Anyhow, I noticed Happy Zombie's has a project in this issue and I have almost enough of the Moda Blossom fabrics to make

I also saw a really interesting tip in I think SEW NEWS magazine. A crafter used her serger on the edge of a circle and then gathered it as though it were a yo-yo. So the 'raw' edge is serged and is somewhat decorative. I'd like to try that tip...just think of the embellishing.

OH and have you seen the cool wool basket by Betz White? She's full of cool recycling ideas. I was sooo tempted to head to our local goodwill for sweaters but the weather is lousy here.


Unknown said...

Oh My God...I have had that magazine for 2 weeks and I am with you I want to make every project. In fact, last night a group of my quilting buddies and I were together and I started on the Blooming Bag. I was calling it lovingly "the stinkin' cute little bag". Anyway, I took pictures of my progress and will have it done any day now. I am going to post it on my blog. So stop by soon.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that magazine the greatest! And I'm not just saying that, because, you know. Thank you for the shout out Vickie... I heart you!

Jackie took the words right out of my mouth about that little blooming bag... I too have called it the stinkin' cute little bag! OMG... I'm gaga over that bag!