Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The first 2 shops.....

We left at 9am and didn't get home until 4:30 pm. Both the girls went with us and were very very good girls. Actually this shop was our 4th stop out of 7...yep 7. Heart to Heart in Winterhaven Florida. They didn't have much fabric maybe 500 bolts but I did get a panel to do an apple core quilt with QuiltSmart interfacing. I didn't take pics inside because there weren't many samples. I don't think I will go back to this shop. This is Vanna's choice yarn by Lion Brand. I broke down and bought it as it was 30% off at Hancock Hancock's is more like a store than a shop but I still wanted to blog about it. I plan on doing amurigumi toys with it. In fact Lion yarns have over 1500 free patterns on their website including toys.
This was our first stop out of 7 and it was hard to beat it. Here's why, I bought 21 yards of fabric for $42...yep $1.99 a yard. 6 yards of the purple for backing and finished the bolts of the can't find fabric for $2 a yard that is quality fabric...these were Windam fabrics and SSI. So my stash reduction has been reduced even more...I just couldn't pass these up...I have specific quilts in mind for them. Another view with my M.E. box...already in use by the way and a new punchneedle hoop so I don't poke myself to death anymore while punching.
We're heading back to South Carolina today, so I hope to blog more shops tomorrow.


Unknown said...

The fabric looks great. You're right you just can't beat those prices. Looking forward to hearing about more shops!

libertythreads said...

OK, where is the shop you went to with the $1.99 fabric?  I'll be there in May and want to be sure to check out that store!!!Love ya,  Carol