Monday, March 24, 2008

Gorgeous blooms in Florida

I don't know what these flowers are....I am not a green thumb unfortunately. I do, however, love the colors and appreciate the beauty. These were all planted at my in-laws new home. They have had a lovely surprise seeing what the landscapers have planted.

This is our cousins parakeet.
And the girls waiting for their lunch....
Now you are all probably curious about the quilt shops...well I have pictures and a bit of fabric purchases so I am going to post a couple of shops at a time. Some were very good and a few were just so-so....but over all it was a great day!


Lissa Jane said...

the pink flowered plant is a varigated bougavillia.. and the parakeet is a Quarrion, which are native to australia.. they are so cute and great talkers if you have the time to teach them! My sons friends family breed them, they have maybe 100++ now..


Red Geranium Cottage said...

The girls look hungry!!! LOL the flowers are so pretty.