Saturday, November 17, 2007

Q.A.D.#7 Thimbleberries Baby Quilt

This is a Thimbleberries pattern I made about 7 years ago for my unborn baby...who is now 6!! I pieced and quilted it myself. It has been very well loved. I wish I had a close up because I quilted shapes in all the squares. Here is that 'baby' in the Holiday parade as a 'sweet sixteen' was COLD! I will tell you 2 hours in 35 degrees F...will freeze yah!

Speaking of 'Sweet Sixteens'...have you seen the Maywood Fabrics that were released at Market? Bunny Luv....AND just so happens that Maywood has these awesome free patterns to use with the 9 X 11 inch pieces of fabric. So now I have to cut my other fat quarters in 4 and THEN make the pattern??? LOL

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