Saturday, November 17, 2007

Q.A.D. #6

1930's bowtie...made with scraps...

I made bed quilts too...but I was a bit stuck on little quilts then. I quickly went through my pictures again and realized that many of my quilts were not photograghed. Some pics were lost when one of our computer hard drives crashed. I back up ALL pics now. I thought they were backed up but the disk was never found, sadly. So I plan on taking some new photos today.
My Daughter is in a parade today as well and I have some sewing to do. I had blogged awhile back a few egg flower applique blocks. I finally finished button hole stitching all the blocks. Can't wait to show that.


Camille said...

I can't believe how many great quilts you have!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I love the bow tie. Very cute. You must have alot of little quilts. I love them and love making them.