Monday, November 12, 2007

1. Baskets for Betsy Q.A.D.

I saw that Sharon of Red Geranium Cottage posted a picture of this quilt pattern. I think she just bought it in Indiana. Turns out I actually made that quilt...well a version of it!

After searching all my pictures trying to find this quilt, I soon realized that I have made many many quilts. So I am going to try to post a Quilt-A-Day to have an archive of sorts with all my quilts.
Baskets for Betsy is #1. I made this for our local quilt guild challenge about 2 years ago. I won first place. I used the challenge fabric in the border. It's a Judy Rothermel Civil War reproduction.

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Anonymous said...

Oh there it is!! LOL very cute. Love it.