Sunday, November 04, 2007

Back Home...and the winners!!

I am home and mostly why I haven't posted. Work just backs up while I am gone. Plus all the regular house duties. Vegas was great. I wanted to post about the Christmas Goose the last shop I visited in Vegas but my pics are on my hubby's computer. I don't have access to them tonight sadly. I can tell you that the Christmas Goose was Fabulous. They have 30% on the 30th of the month! I was in heaven as it was the 30th! Duh!! AND it was my birthday month so all my other items were 20% off. I was liking that store very much.

Anyhow, you are likely wanting to know about the bloggers that got lucky while I was in Vegas. Well it's Sharon and Ikkinlala, Please send me your addresses and I will pop your packs in the mail.

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