Sunday, December 26, 2010

Staff Christmas Party.

This is the gift package each of my staff received.
There is a tiny box in there from the local jewelry store.
I have to tell this story because well it really affected me.
So before I tell about the handmade gifts and fun we had, please read this.
I was running all around on the 21st and 22nd trying to wrap everything up for the party. We had been in TX and I was ill prepared for our return.
I decided to run to the local jewelry store to pick up my order. It was 4:30 pm on the 21st.
When I got there, I gave my name and said I have an order to pick up, repeated my name.
I waved hello to the owner (a personal friend), while his staff went for my gift packages.
When the gal returned, she began to open the boxes. I said "this isn't what I ordered".
In my mind I was rushing ideas of what could have happened.
I quickly looked at the tag on the order.
It was my husband's name.
She brought out HIS order.
HIS Christmas surprise for me.
Can you believe it?
Know what the lady said?
"Can you just fake like it's a surprise?"
I said sure....all the while thinking...just wait until I tell him.
I was devastated. I knew he wanted this to be a surprise. I knew it would crush him that I saw it.
So I bustle out of the store and jump in the car.
I drove right past the daycare...forgetting to pick up my kids until I was 4 more blocks away.
I was in such a jumble....
I turned around and picked up my kids LOL...thank goodness I didn't make it all the way home right?
I told my husband.
He was pretty upset. He told them to keep the earrings.
It really took me the rest of the night to get out of my 'funk' from that.
But I did.
And we have had a wonderful Christmas....

I showed this quilt top back in April. Some of you might remember the post.
I had big dreams of making several 'seasons' of skinny verna table runners etc.
I thought that if I started them back in March 2010 that I would surely get them done.
Well I was able to get one season done for my staff.
And this is a picture of all 7 of them.
I finished the last 2 on December 22nd!
I am such a procrastinator sometimes.
Our party was on the 23rd.
My awesome husband helped make some hors d'oeuvres and clean the house so I could finish them.

 They seemed to love them.
I hope they weren't faking!

In addition to the runners, I made Voile scarves for each of them.
I used Anna Maria Horner's Voile and a free pattern from Twin Fibers.

 I actually made 18 scarves for Christmas.
I have been working on them all year.
 I didn't blog about it, because they read my blog!
I also gave them to all my sisters, mom, and sister in law.

 Here's some more happy girls.
They have a secret santa exchange every year.
Bec got a hat, scarf and gloves plus one of my crafty staff made her an XL Hotpad after seeing my tutorial.
That was flattering for me for sure.
 Jamie got 'Brittany' perfume...she's a rockstar!

 Of course, no holiday is complete without a little Margaritaville....
The details of this snowman were amazing. A local artist made it for Mel.

 And what did my awesome staff buy for me??
Go! dies of course!
I was super excited to see a 3 1/2" tumbler, a chisel die, and a 2 1/4"strip die too for my bindings.
I can not wait to try them.
We had a great night and topped it off with dinner at a new steakhouse near our town.
So despite my somewhat disappointing start to the week with the jewelry store fiasco...
We had a wonderful week and evening.


Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful stuff, Vickie, and it looks like you all had fun - I'm sure they appreciated the table runners, which are wonderful! But I have one question - why oh why did you tell your hubby??? ;-)

Beth said...

Merry Christmas!

Carol said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and lots of fun. I know exactly how you feel about the table runners, you think you have enough time to make something but time just flys right by. So, you didn't say, what did your hubby get you since he had the jewelry store keep the earrings?

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Aww the jewelry store should have done something special since they messed up. I'm sure that incident had you feeling pretty low. :-( You sure brightened up your staff's Christmas though! What fun table runners! Glad you got them done and all had a good time!

Wendy said...

Love the Margaritaville!

And the table runners are awesome...I'm sure they loved them!

Melissa said...

I want to come work with you guys:) It looks like you had a blast!!! I love the runners but the scarves are to die for:)

Wendy said...

How wonderful for your staff and for you :) Sympathy for the earrings but wonder for the love your husband has for you!! Enjoy your relax time before you start up all over again!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing but you have to tell us what did you get for Christmas if hubby returned the earrings??? I was really rooting for him to make a second surprise of the now cancelled earrings.......

Days and colors said...

Beautiful gifts, they all look so happy! You really put a lot of love and work. It's sad that the surprise your husband had for you ended like that, the jewelry store should compensate for their mistake.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a bummer with the jewelery store mix-up. Looks like your staff loved everything and had a great time celebrating!

Donna S. said...

I think your hubby should have told you he cancelled the earrings but then gave them to you anyway as a surprise.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

I'm sorry about your spoiled Christmas gift, but I hope you had a blessed holiday anyway. You spoiled your staff with wonderful goodies! I only got one of your XL Hot Pads made for a gift this year before my machine went into the shop, but I've got lots nad lots on my list for next year! I plan on making at least 1 a month - they are so handy so thank you so very much for sharing them!