Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your Finishes..and mine :)

I have been meaning to share these Giant Pincushion finishes with all of you for over a week!
Life has sort of gotten in the way.
 I sometimes blog ahead and I had hoped to blog this last week.
Well last week was bonkers. My office was chaos with school starting {everyone needs to get in before school :)}
Plus some other things happening that are just too much to talk about here. Plus I don't think my brother, sister or mother would appreciate it! Yes there are things that involve all of them. It's been wild.
Here's the awesome finishes that a few of you have sent to me.

This is Lisa's version.

And Heather aka Retro-Fabulous made 2!!

love the 30's prints.

Wilma in NC made this sweet cushion.

I found this on flickr Floselage.

This is Sandy's version. I spy Amy Butler :)


There's a whole lot of blah blah about how I ended up making 5 for the tutorial.
2 were English Paper Pieced, 3 machine pieced and mostly it involves the need for pictures of each step.

Okay so here's how it went....
When I decided that I should give machine piecing instructions in addition to the english paper piecing, I began my tute with this fabric:
Pincushion #1
Yes this lovely pillow was suppose to be a pincushion.
I used It's a Hoot by MoMo.
I love it so much that when I layed this out I immediately thought:

1. I can make an entire quilt with this and not get tired of it.

2. I could be lazy and make a pillow,
 take the idea and put it on the back burner behind the other 1000 quilts I want to make.
Option #2 was the winner.
Have I mentioned how much I love It's a Hoot?
I have many projects that I want to make with it. Why oh why can't there be more hours in the day?
Anyhow, if any of you are interested in how I made my pillow..
I can give a Giant Pincushion tutorial extension for it!
Let me know ;)
Now this is pincushion #2.
I somehow shifted the 6 pointed diamond and so when I went to turn it right side lets just say it wasn't the correct shape.
I entertained the idea of un-sewing it and re-making it.
It's still in the pile of orphan blocks. I doubt I will ever fix it.

This is technically my 3rd Giant machine pieced Pincushion.

It sewed up quite nicely but after making 5 of them...I was ready to toss it.
Instead, Pincushion #3 ended up a Barbie chair for my 4th grader...
it's the perfect size for 11" or less dolls.
just thought I'd pass that on :)

If you have finished your pincushion or other SpunSugarQuilt tutorials, please post them to SpunSugarQuilts flickr group HERE.
Yippee I have a functioning flickr group :)
Btw, I have been changing around my blog if you haven't noticed. I am sort of mixed on the background. I may be changing it more in the next days. In the mean time...well I have been feverishly working on Halloween projects.
I know, I know, Halloween?
But seriously, after visiting JEllen's new shop I have been really inspired to create some new tutes for everyone.
Look for them in the next few weeks.
and last but certainly not least...
I will be participating in another Blog Tour for C&T Publishing. Which will mean a giveaway.
Actually I think I am due for a giveaway here...I have almost 600 followers.
Once I hit 600 I am going to do a giveaway...just decide that LOL.
Okay so come back....


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love the pillow version of the giant pin cushion! I just posted two pictures of my giant pin cushions on the flickr group. I'm also running a giveaway right now and one of them is a prize! That's why I HAD to make I could have one to keep! They're great!


Little Lady Patchwork said...

I love all of the pincushions! I think that my favorite version is the one made out of the 1974 fabric.

Oh and that pillow you made is awesome! I can see it being done in all kinds of fabrics.

Hang in there girl!

Vesuviusmama said...

Pillows, Barbie Doll chairs - who knew these pincushions were so versatile! I love them all, and you know we welcome any tutes you come up with!

Karen said...

These are really neat pin cushions! Guess I'll have to add the tutorial to my "to do" list!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Everyone made such lovely pin cushions!! I need to make mine. I think I'm inspired!

~Niki~ said...

I love the brown one~

Wilma Lee said...

It was fun!! Love the pillow too. I'm not a "follower" per say, but I have you on my blog list so I can keep up with all your posts. I miss the cupcakes.....

Gari in AL said...

I haven't started my pincushion yet but when I mess up I am going to feel so much better. ;-)

Dandelion Quilts said...

These look great is on my to do list, too bad it is so long. Love that Amy Butler!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love all the pinchushions! Isn't it so much fun to see what others make with your tutorials! :)

Retrogirl said...

thanks for adding my pics...reminds me I need my photographer hubs to do some work instead of me fumbling around with the kids' camera!!

The Civil War print giant pincushion is for a friendly fabric fairy---she'll LOVE it! The stuffing is a bit wonky on mine but it's steel wool to sharpen pins and a center of sawdust to keep them dry. I'm in the laundry room...need I say more?

I adore your pillow and am thinking I'd like to add a quilt to my to-do list, too.

Thanks again for such a fun tutorial!!!

Katherine said...

I think I am follower #602!

I love your pin cushion, going to make one or three, but probably not five.

Just started following your blog, thanks for sharing!