Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New shop = new fabric :)

Here's a snippet of the awesomeness I found at JEllen's.
Fandango! lots of Fandago pre-cuts, yardage wasn't in yet.
On top of that I bought 3 different colors of giant rick rack.
I could have bought every color she had but I don't really a plan for them.
Atleast I have a great source now :)
And there was some Wee Woodland. I chose the stripes because I thought they could mix in with so many other lines. So they were stash enhancers.

And my most favorite find was Haunted Mansion by Sanae.
I had seen this line online a couple of months ago and thought 'ehhn' not that great. Then I saw it at JEllen's, I wanted to buy a whole bundle. She didn't have bundles..just charm packs and some yardage. So I picked a few yards and some grey bella solid too.
I have already started working on a design with it.
Oh boy...
Halloween already..
my favorite holiday....
what to do, where to start...
I have a list a mile long of Halloween and Autumn projects.
I just had a jolt of excitement.
With work as hectic as it is and being completely whipped each night, I might not get to sew until Friday.
Only time will tell.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great buys!! I can't wait to see what you create for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween... I have a cute panel that I should quilt and hang up. Hmmmm....

Sarah Craig said...

Oooh, jealousy rears its ugly head....... ;-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Fun stuff there Vickie! I need to make a Halloween Tote Bag for a swap so I've been thinking about that lately. No sewing on it yet though!

I've been enjoying your giant pin cushion tutorials, and made two using machine piecing. What fun! I posted about them this evening if you want to see a picture! Thanks so much for sharing that!


Sequana said...

My Halloween project this year will consist of some cuts of the Ghastlies fabric. I just LOVE that stuff!

I do like those stripes you go tho.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Fabulous shopping! I have a bundle of Fandango I haven't decided what to do with yet? What will yours be?

Vals Quilting said...

Hi Vicki, I just found your blog through KQ Sue and love it. I'm not a person who celebrates Halloween, not because I don't like that time of year but because it's always been drab in our neighbourhood and there isn't many kids. That being said, I've found some of the cutest halloween quit projects that are a must do and hey I might even start them today :)

Pip said...

I just found your blog through Kate Spain at JEllens..it leaves me breathless how you guys do it and I don't even have a blog!!Then there's the fabric..my cousin has just bought some Fandango..sigh!