Monday, August 02, 2010

Giant Pincushion Sew Along Step 4: Machine Piecing

Giant Pincushion Sew Along Step 4: Machine Piecing
Construction 2 & Finishing

Your pincushion should look like this. All 6 hexagons sewn to {1} 6-point diamond.

Now starting with 2 neighboring hexagons  fold your piece right sides together as shown.
Pin the side and sew, remember to start and stop at the dots!
Continue sewing the hexagon sides.
The result will be like a bowl.

Take second 6-point diamond and lay it across the top of the 'bowl' to guide your placement.

Carefully rotate the 6-point so that one point is right sides together with a hexagon side and pin.
Sew from dot to dot.
 There is a lot of starting and stopping machine piecing this pincushion.

Continue to sew around the cushion, leaving one opening for turning.
*note* the 6-point diamond points do NOT touch each other.
If they do you will end up with this:
NOT good I can assure you LOL.
{that is where pincushion #2 ended up!}

Here's the cushion turned right sides out.

Stuff with polyfil.
Slip stitch the opening closed.

I used a Doll Makers' needle to sew my buttons to the center of the cushion.
A doll makers' needle is longer and stronger than a sewing needle. It can withstand the pressure of the thickness of the polyfil.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible!!
p.s. I will post in a few all of my 4 pincushions turned out...
yes there were 4.....and they didn't all end up pincushions either.
But I persevered as you will see.


LisaG said...

Thank you for this lovely tutorial Vicki... I should have my first pin cushion almost complete tomorrow :-)

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh boy, I'm bookmarking this one! I've been following along in spirit, but have yet to cut and sew any fabric. Can't wait till I have some time to do this! Thanks so much for sharing this information. I know how much work it is to put together a good tutorial!


Texan said...

This was so kind of you to put up a tutorial for this! I know it was a lot of work too!

When I first saw this I thought oh I would like to make myself one of those. Then I came back and saw had done this tutorial.


Retrogirl said...

This is such a fun pincushion, Vickie! Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions. I'm off to finish mine!
Happy Quilting,

Jessica said...

these are awesome! I've added it to my "need to make this" list, thanks!

Florence said...

My first one is finish !
Thanks ! your explains are very clear !!
I post pictures on flickr group ...