Saturday, February 27, 2010

cookies and lemonade...don't let it fool you.

The kids were off school yesterday due to the snow and road conditions.
I had my usual day off.
I know. I am lucky.
So what does one do with a 2 and 8 year old ALL day?
We made cookies.
Chocolate chip cookies.
And we ate them above my newest quilt finish. It's a pattern by Me and My Sister from their fabric Strawberry Lemonade.  I have had the top done F-O-R- E-V-E-R. Okay atleast a year. Finally had it quilted so that it wouldn't rot waiting for me to quilt it.
 I ♥ this little quilt, it's so summery.

So my picture looks all summery and pretty. 

Don't let that fool you.

This is REALLY the view from my window.
more snow.
go away snow.
that's all I have to say.


Unknown said...

I think making cookies is the perfect thing to do on a day off. And they look right at home on the quilt. I am with you, go away snow!

antique quilter said...

yup we made cookies yesterday too, 20 inches of snow in less than 2 days ...cabin fever and spring fever has hit
I am so ready for spring. LOVE your quilt , so springy!
maybe i Need to work in brights now instead of the browns I am working with!

Terry said...

Love the quilt! Can you even believe all this snow we're getting? The solo and ensemble contest Emily was to be in is even canceled today. She's so disappointed. Snow, snow go away!! LOL

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

That quilt is very summery! I have a jelly roll from the same line but I have done nothing with it yet. I probably should. The cookies look delish!

luv2quilt2 said...

I have had enough snow and the schools in our area have missed so many days. But cookie making with the kids is so much fun!

Dandelion Quilts said...

We love blanket picnics...what a cute finished quilt. I remember when you finished this top...I must say the finished quilt is even more darling!!

Needled Mom said...

I do like the looks of the summery quilt better that more snowy pictures for you.

Sherri said...

Yes, this quilt says summer...LOVE it! How could you keep from sharing for so long! Hope your winter is almost over!

Pokey said...

Just keep looking at the fun quilt, don't go to the window....
Thanks for the sharing your family fun day.

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look just right on that summery quilt! Looks like youhave the perfect quilt for picnic season. (wishful thoughts!)

Sandy said...

Love chocolate chip cookies and that quilt looks like a summertime treat! Very sweet.

Jocelynilla said...

LOL i recognized that quilt right away. :) yes, longing for warmer weather!

paulette said...

Ouch to the snow!
Yum to the cookies!
Oooohs and ahhhs to the quilt!! Love it!

Vesuviusmama said...

That quilt sure does evoke thoughts of summer - very nice. I'd rather look at that than the view out your window - or the view out mine!