Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday fun

I had to blog this today....ahead of etsy etc..
cause this was more important.
 Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger at my local quilt shop.  She had inquired about my Green Beer runner kit and through emails we figured out that we are only about 1/2 hour apart from each other. It was a perfect chance to meet. 

       Here are Sandy and I at Country Charm. She had her camera...I forgot mine! and I didn't even put on makeup..yikes.
and Please look past the bulky coats...LOL
We had a good chat and wished we had more time. I had to get on home to sew before I took 2 quilts to my machine quilter and Sandy needed to pick up her doggy from the groomer. It was a totally worthwhile meet. Hope we can hang out again soon.


Unknown said...

What a fun day! Nice to meet blogging friends that share the same interest!

Brooke said...

Thanks for the fun blogs! Thanks too for the nice comment you left on my blog - keep giving us some great ideas to play with!

~Laurie~ said...

It IS great to meet another blogger in person - that's how I felt when I met Terry (Terry's Treasures) this summer as we were travelling through Ohio. I think there are a number of bloggers in central Ohio - you all need to get together to have a blog party!

Sandy said...

Thanks for a sweet blog post! We will have to meet again in the summer so we can show everyone how skinny we really are!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I've met a few bloggers myself. It is fun to already "kind of" get to know them through blogging and then meeting and you already have so much in common!

Sherri said...

I've also met a few fellow bloggers...I always think it's so much fun!