Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quilt away weekend

Yes it was quilt-away weekend. It was difficult at best to say it was relaxing. Getting there was enough to exhaust me. My DH was gone for 6 days and returned 10 minutes before I left for weekend. I arrived there at 7:30pm thursday and sewed until 1 am! I was exhausted. Friday I was up early sewing too. Then we took a quick trip to Berlin, Ohio to Mrs. Millers in Charm. Have you been there? You should is amazing. I only get there maybe twice a year. I found this cool japanese Kokka fabric in the sale area for $5 a yard. It seemed like a good price and I love the yes it went right into stash as I don't have a plan for it.
I thought I was going to make a clean break besides the japanese fabric until I saw this quilt hanging up made with Fig and Plum.....It was called "Split Decision"...super easy.. and right up my alley LOL.
Needless to say I spent some $$$. I arrived back to the retreat and sewed until late in the night. I got up saturday and came immediately home. My parents arrived from Iowa to spend the weekend. Um so that meant my quilt away was cut VERY short. It was nice for the 1 day though. I didn't finish any one project. I sewed on 4 though. I tend to do on multiple and finish 4-5 at once. If I had all day saturday I'd have 5 done for sure. Anyhow I forgot my camera at Mrs. Miller's so all my pics are of the fabric I bought. I also received this cool pattern from Helen from Hugs n'Kisses I won it on her blog. It is awesome!

Since my parents were here we put up Holiday decorations and spent lots of time playing the Wii. It's been great. Now back to work tomorrow :(


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a quick, whirl-wind weekend for you. I hate weekends like that. I hope you got to relax for at least a few minutes.

Jen :)

Laurie said...

I love to go to Mrs Miller's. I usually find what I need and what I want!!!! Nice blog