Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fabo weekend

Well I am a bit late on posting a Halloween picture. We met up with 3 other families so the kids could all trick or treat together. There was chili, a fire pit and LOTS of candy. Here are the girls right before they went out. The little one only made it to 5 houses. She didn't need the candy anyway. Grace, on the other hand brought home a ton of candy. We've been munching on it all weekend. It was fun. Believe it or not I sewed a better part of the weekend. I just don't want to show it. Everything I worked on, besides the Mystery BOM, were Christmas presents. Too many recipients view my blog (i.e. family) I finished 3 items, and made major headway on 17 others...yes 17. I have about 34 items I want to make. It's ambitious I know. I think if all goes well, I will at least have these first 20 done. Some are sooo close but I just didn't feel like changing thread to finish them. I know lazy. I was just tired of all the thread changing after sewing as much as I did. I also transferred my first sheet of Nice People Nice Things stitcheries. I haven't started stitching yet. I work 4 days this week so not sure what I will accomplish but my goal is 17 items....whew...a bit stressed here! LOL
I have a Quilt-Away weekend coming in 2 weeks. I have nothing prepared. I am going to try to get it together this coming weekend. Also if you won a pincushion from me, I didn't forget. I am planning on mailing them tomorrow (Monday).


Unknown said...

Wow you did do a lot of work this weekend!! Doesn't it feel good to get things accomplished? Halloween was fun here to and we also have been munching.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You got a lot done! I'm starting some Christmas gifts this weekend as I'm a solo person all weekend! Daughter and husband are going to New Hampshire for the weekend. BUT my gift list is not as long as yours! Good luck!

Jen :)

Vickie said...

I know, I think we will be munching into Christmas with our candy! Congrats on your gift progress! Sounds like you just might get all 34 items done! Your quilt-away weekend sounds like fun!