Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a weekend

Where do I begin? well that's start with the positive....I picked up my last quilt from my machine quilter on friday. I have the binding half sewn on already. I love the flowers and vines. This probably one of the fastest quilts I have ever made start to finish. I started it in July....mmm maybe mid-month and am nearly finished. It usually takes me a year to finish one!! LOL Here's a close up of the quilting.
Now for the rest of the weekend.....Friday night I arrived home from my second trip to Jo-Ann's in one was 9:30pm...our mail box was up right and normal. When we got up was like this:
It seems some IDIOT backed into it and then decided it wasn't important to let us know who they were. They drove off....but left behind bits and pieces of their tail-light. Now peeps..I have to tell you you that my husband and 2 other neighbors tried to up-right it. weighs like a ton literally...literally 2000 pounds. So you think that person that hit it knew they hit it???? I bet so...and I am betting they were drunk or something...I'm just speculating here. Anyhow, we had the sheriff out and filed a report. I doubt we'll find the wahoo that hit it. In the mean time my DH spent 3 hours breaking it up to move the bricks....each brick weighs 5 pounds and so it took several wheelbarrels full to move it to our back yard. We put up this for now...
I wonder how long it will be before someone hits it? I shouldn't ask....really I shouldn't.
So this weekend was kind of a bummer. We started positive and worked through some negetive. I hope the crap is out of the way for the rest of the week.
My DH also assembled ANOTHER cabinet for me and put it up...2 more to he put up some shelves too...ALL today. Superduper man I tell you!!!
I finished my Secret Stitcher's Angel swap I did a quick calculation on shipping..and Oy Vey..I can't even go there.....ok so that's enough out of me for the night....I hope I can post more this week. Work could be a stickler though..OH and it's fair could I forget.


Unknown said...

The quilt is beautiful! It was a great start to your weekend. Unfortunately, the mailbox incident didn't help to keep your weekend bright. At least, you have a new one up. Hope your week is better!

LesleyAnn said...

Sorry to hear about your mailbox. Some people are just idiots!! Thank you for the charms! I love them! Just my fabric taste!! Thank you again!! Also congrats to your hawkeyes beating my clones!! Hope you have a better week!


Thimbleanna said...

Your quilt turned out great! Sorry about the mailbox!!!

Vickie said...

I love the quilt! Great colors!
Too bad about your mailbox. I bet whoever hit has more then just a broken tail light!

Leah Spencer said...

Maybe you can go around to bars and see which drunk has 30 inch push in on their vehicle! :D

My parents built their house with a steel frame, instead of wood. We had some leftover 4x4 steel posts from the garage and used it to prop up our mailbox. It's cemented in, so I'm sure it'd be very ugly if somebody tried to hit that one! And my dad was smart enough to rig up a construction that if somebody bashed in the mailbox only (not the pole), it's an easy replacement.