Monday, September 08, 2008

The quick contest winner...

There were 8 correct answers. The names are from the movie "Hairspray". My 18 month old LOVES to watch and listen to the music on that movie. I watched it literally 7 times over labor day weekend. She'll fall asleep to it, dance to it...and sing (what she can). It's wild. Since I have seen the movie soooo many times, I have those girls names dancing through my head once in awhile. When I unpackaged my quads...the first thing I thought was "they're twins like Noreen and Doreen"...and that's where it began. My DH thinks I should make a chubby one...and of course call her "Traci"!!

So without further a-do...the winner of a charm pack....(uh I forgot to take a picture (dough!))

is.....Lesley. Lesley, please send me your snail mail and I will get a charm pack right out to you!


LesleyAnn said...

Thank you so much Vickie!! I sent you an email with my snail mail address. Looking forward to receiving a welcoming package compared to my usual bills and those everyday credit card offers!! Thanks again--

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Congrats to you Leslie!!

Linda said...

Congratulations Lesley!
Thank you Vickie for hosting the trivia :)