Sunday, October 07, 2007

What I need to organize and sort UGH!

Yeah it's that bad...and yeah I have A LOT of fabric! Let me clarify...not all the items in the 'blue' room are quilting or crafting related...just 90%. Now how am I going to fit all that fabric in my storage cabinets? I think I will need more....or perhaps purge some things. I have been sorting quilting magazines for the very purpose of purging. Make room for new ones!

I should be working on my 'quilt loft' right now...... I think these pictures just guilted me into it!


Anonymous said...

Vickie...check out my Sewing Room Organization Challenge on my blog...there are 4 parts posted so far to get your started... and select SEWING ORGANIZATION under Categories.


With friendship,

Anonymous said...

This tells me I'm not alone in my fabric addiction. It can actually be fun, that's when I usually discover long lost goodies and fabrics that I forgot I even had.

Good luck organizing your space. By the way, I love the little pincusion in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was bad! LOL! I can say that now that I've gotten organized. I'm with Lisa, it can be fun when you start finding things you forgot about! Or, overwelming because you add a million more things to your to do list! :)

Veronica said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for your comment on my mini apples pattern :)
I love your crafts! I'm jealous of your future sewing room and all your fabrics! :)
Hugs from Spain.

*grabs the fabrics and runs back to Spain* :P