Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Vegas 1 day!!!!!!!! woohooo JACKPOT!!

My first stop was Nancy's Quilt Shop, it is featured as a top 10 quilt shop in Quilt Sampler Magazine. This shop puts any quilter on a 'fabric' high. I was overwhelmed when I walked in. Which area do I start with? There were thousands of bolts.
This picture didn't turn out the great, it was near the 30's fabrics, my personal favorites. I need to learn to make better pics! I am putting it on my to do list.
This shows more of the samples and yarn. Oh did mention they had yarn? Well I did pick up a new (to me) color of KPPM....that's Koigu for those that aren't knitters! haha.
I am actually composing this at 2am by the way. My husband is snoring so loud that there is no chance I will sleep until he's awake! That is the only problem with vacations...where do I escape to? get another room?? Anyhow, from Nancy's I traveled on to here.

Again the 30's fabrics! funny thing is, is that I didn't buy any. I bet you'd like to see what I bought! Yikes I could take the real morning, or wait until I get back home. Hmmm we'll see.Again I was faced with so many choices of fabric. I found some great patterns here and a new fabric line that was just unpacked. Today I am heading to the Christmas Goose and maybe another like Quiltique. Depends on traffic and my mood. Mood? about shopping for fabric? By the way, my husband said I could buy whatever I could fit in my suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep for my birthday! I thought about this and realized that I have to drag the suitcase to the airport....and do I want to do this loaded with fabric? yes and no. So I think I am going to and buying what I want there....having it shipped!

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