Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've discovered Table Runners......

I'm a quilter and a knitter and generally a crafter of all sorts, scrapbooking, stamping, card making, crocheting and on and on. With all my crafting I seem to find that one project that I want to do a version of...over and over again. In knitting, it was first baby hats, then dishclothes and of course multiple other projects and too many UFO's to name. Quilting is a bit the same. I have made miniature quilts, small quilts, applique, english paper piecing, pincushions. Oh goodness! I just remembered my wool...rug hooking...countless projects and wool. Anyhow, I degress, I meant to talk about table runners. It's my new thing. I have made 2 tops today in fact, one is layered for machine quilting already. And I made a table runner few months ago and it's ready for hand stitching the binding. I am stuck on these super cool, easy patterns "Tiny Ones" by Pieced Tree Patterns. Chances are I could have easily made one of these little buggers without a pattern.
I mean I HAVE been sewing for years and years, but right now in my life simple is best. Simply easier to let someone else write the pattern. And I am trully pleased with the results.

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