Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Lularoe rabbit hole

Normally my blog is chock full of quilting stuff. 
I love my quilting.
I love me some fabric of course. I love all the colors. 
When my sister Marie decided to become a Lularoe consultant I had no idea what it was. I had heard about the leggings and that was it. She started her business with the basic clothing kit. 
You never know what will be sent - only the sizes.

Well since I had never really experienced Lularoe I couldn't buy anything from her. 
I didn't know my sizes.
I was pretty intrigued with all the options that she had and Disney collection was being released!
We decided to have a visit in Iowa and that gave me the opportunity to see her items and actually TRY them on lol.
Have you tried Lularoe?
Yeah well the leggings were the first item I tried.
The fabric is incredibly soft. 
I'm a fabric lover like I said - so I was hooked.
I starting making outfits with her items and ended up with 3!
I took them to Iceland with me and found they were the best clothing for traveling there.

(photo credit Gudrun Erla Gisladottir)

Plus I bought leggings for Elly
my 10 year old.
She's a lularoer too now. She adores the leggings.

Interestingly, I sort of feel like Lularoe is like when you get into quilting.
You stop at a quilt shop, green behind the ears since you've never made a quilt. The amount of fabric overwhelms you but you see a basic kit and decide to give it a try. 
Within a month you have bought 5 kits,  precuts, yardage and visited all the local shops within 100 miles :) and it doesn't stop there... you head online for a better selection.
Well Lularoe is much like a quilt shop. 
 You get personal service, are able to try on different styles and sizes and if you don't find what you are looking for, head to facebook  and search for it. There are over 1000 Lularoe facebook pages. Lots of multi consultant groups and sale sites. 
They even have their "unicorns" aka super hard to find prints or styles.
Here are a few of my personal "unicorns"

Again it reminds of the elusive fabrics by Tula Pink like Neptune or Heather Ross Munki Munki.  They sell on ebay for $$$$$.
Same for the Lularoe unicorns, but just like quilting fabric lines, there are always new prints and you can quickly move on from that one print and find a substitute right?....right? 
In support of my sister's new business with Lularoe, I decided to host a pop up.
But she's in Iowa so I decided to do an online pop up to coordinate with the in home pop up. 
You are all invited. 
The link to my pop up sale, which shows all her in stock styles and sizes, will be available Saturday September 2, 2017 starting at 9 am and will close Sunday September 3, 2017 9am. 
24 hours to shop and check it out.
If you are interested in looking around, joining us for a live sale Saturday morning with a bunch of new items or just curious, 
or use this address to join her group!

She's giving away a Carly dress (retail $55) on Sunday September 3.
my "unicorn" Carly dress shown below :)  --->

Now back to our regularly scheduled quilting...yes I have been sewing ;)

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I love it. And I love that Irma you have pictures with the brown and blue diamonds. Awesome!