Monday, February 06, 2017

I drank the Kool-Aid so to speak...

The Glitter Quilt Kool-Aid that is.
Some of you may have seen my posts on Instagram already but those who haven't.....

I have spied these glitter blocks showing up on Instagram for quite some time.
When I discovered that Jen Kingwell was releasing the templates that coordinate.
I immediately ordered them.
I had extra sets for sale on my etsy site but they sold within a few days.
If you are interested in purchasing the templates,
I can order them for you, just let me know!

The Glitter quilt pattern can be found in the book Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell.
Here is my first block made with template cut pieces.
I machine pieced mine.
You can hand piece as well but
I found machine piecing works best for me so far.

I am thinking of cutting 3-4 blocks at a time and slowly stitching them....
until I have about 300.
That's what I calculated a King size required.
And I may have lost my mind....

But they are sooooo pretty.

I'm still smitten with them and I am rummaging through my scrap strips to cut them.
This is going to be good...I have a feeling.


martha said...

Can I ask you to order the templates for glitter, as I already have the book. Thank you. marthamumawatyahoodotcom

Nicole said...

I, too, have been bitten by the Jen Kingwell bug! I have the book and templates for Glitter but I'm having trouble machine piecing. I'm thinking maybe I should not use my scant 1/4 inch. Do you have any tips?? I keep searching the web for someone to do a tutorial on how to machine piece these little buggers, but no luck. There are no quilt shops within a few hours of where I live that offer the class either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!