Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tutorial English Paper Piecing Apple Core Part 3 finishing - long overdue

I began this tutorial for English Paper Piecing Apple cores in 2011. 
I had no idea it's been 5 years.
I abandoned many many projects to write my book Large - Block Quilts
 and now it's time to get back to them and finish some.

Finishing an English Paper Pieced applecore is a bit more challenging with the curves. 
Although I can't show these steps as I must have forgotten to take pictures please prepare as follows:

1. remove the English paper pieces from the fabric as you complete stitching around each apple core.

2. Once all cores are stitched, remove and baste the outside edge of the apple core with a large basting/running stitch. This will keep the 1/4" seam allowance turned and neat while you quilt your project.

3. Layer with batting and backing.

4. Hand or machine quilt your project.
I chose to hand quilt my cores with a size #12 pearl cotton and a 'big' stitch.

Once quilting is complete, it's time to finish the edge of the cores.
I opted to use a 'knife-edge' finish.

Trim your batting to 1/8" less than the finished edge of the apple core.
You shouldn't be able to see your batting. 

This is important because you will be folding the backing in
 and sandwiching it between the batting and the apple core 'top'.
Next, trim the backing to 1/4" as shown.

As I said before, I then fold the backing into the center of the batting and quilt top.
Notice my basting stitches? that can be removed once the edges are completely sewn closed.

This shows how I carefully match the back to the front.

Place a pin.
Continue folding and pinning for about the length of 2 apple cores.

As I stitch the edge closed using a whip stitch, I move the pins and fold.

Continue to whip stitch the edge of the entire quilt.
Here is a collage of the steps.

And voila` project is done.

I love my 1930's reproduction apple core table topper. 
I mean I'm smitten enough to consider stitching a King size version for my bed.
I might be crazy......

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Rosa said...

So beautiful!!.I only made a pincushion with apple core because I don´t like to sew curves,they are a little tricky for me and have fun making hexies while I`m watching tv or travelling.