Friday, September 12, 2014

I love Quilting because....

September is National Sewing Month and the
 Fat Quarter Shop has teamed up with bloggers to bring you a glimpse 
into why we love quilting and sewing.
I love quilting because it relieves my stress.
I love to cut fabric, smooth fabric, 
look at fabric, search for a perfect fabric,
piece fabrics, hand quilt, machine quilt, bind...
and on and on.
In doing all those things, I find stress relief from my job,
my family responsibilities and life in general.
I think we all need a creative outlet and 
way to slow down from the normal hustle and bustle of life.

If this is your first visit here, here is a little about me ala the Fat Quarter Shop.

When did I start quilting:
While I was in dental school I was an avid crocheter. I made dishcloths, miniature and life size afghans and toys like a mad woman. After about 6 months my hands started to show signs of carpel tunnel and I couldn't crochet anymore. That was devastating to me. One day while checking out the craft department at Walmart, I stumbled onto the book Little Quilts All Through the House. I had some experience with sewing since I was 8 so I decided to make the log cabin. I had a rotary cutter and mat but no rulers so I free hand cut the strips. It's the wonkiest quilt I own but it hooked me on quilting.
When did I know I was a quilter?
Gosh, well I think I knew I was a quilter when I joined the guild in Rochester, MN back in 2002.
Once I moved to Ohio I joined the quilt guild here.
Have I ever had a quilting injury?
I cut the end of my finger with the rotary cutter. Again it was before I had any quilting rulers to help me cut. There were no instructions or classes available at that time. My nearest quilt shop was 1 1/2 hours away and no online shopping existed in 1996!
My advice to a new quilter-
Don't be afraid of using the colors you love. The ones you love might change and that's okay too. Take a few classes at the LQS or online and practice, practice, practice...
I still 'practice' my quilting.
On top of the get to know me questions, 
the fat quarter shop challenged us to make a project out of
our comfort zone.
I contemplated that thought.
I began sewing at age 8. 
I have sewed garments, pieced quilts, quilted quilts,
 crocheted, knitted, embroidered by hand and machine,
made crewel, tatted, and countless other crafts.
I couldn't think of a project out of my comfort zone until I remembered the
Hour Glass mini post card pattern.

I like to make small projects but they can be challenging.

While I was making this little hourglass quilt, I discovered that 
my Quilt in A Day ruler that had been collecting dust for 10 years was 
the most invaluable tool I owned!

I combined the pattern with 1930's reproduction fabrics from my stash and added 
a low volume 30's background to help the hourglasses pop.

Each hour glass finished to 2" and my challenge was trimming!
Even after years and years of sewing I still found a bit of 
a challenge in quilting.
I learned to use a specialty ruler.
The next project on my list is the Sew Together Bag, now there's a challenge!

If you would like to create a heart like the rainbow banner heart, 
the fat quarter shop has a free pattern HERE!

p.s. my etsy shop is running a 25% off sale to celebrate National Sewing Month!


quilter000 said...

Your hour glass quilt is darling! Love it

T Holzer said...

I love your log cabin story having no rulers!! Too funny.